Avolites Basic “Pearl” Training – Wipe and Patch – Lesson 2

Welcome to our series of Video Tutorials dedicated to Pearl OS. In this video tutorial we’ll look WIpe the desk (clean) and Patch generics and fixtures on Pearl 2010 console. Please check out other Basic Pearl training videos on youtube. More information about Avolites products and manuals on www.avolites.com Please also look check out video tutorials on Titan OS which are coming soon. Subscribe to Avolites videos!!!


Mohamad syafiq Ahmad tarmizi says:

how do u unpatch??

rutagengwa alexis says:

i need to teach me this consol

dexter diaz says:

Why this girl is so boring to watch? Is there any body better than her?

GuitarGuys7299 says:

Cool videos and nice board!  BUT! It’s hard to understand what the hell she is saying sometimes! She needs to speak up and speak clearer! Also for a “Lighting Console” tutorial, the background lighting in the videos SUCK!!!!

Nsamba Isaac says:

Thanx a lot for the Tutorial found it helping… i have the same Desk and I’ve got this LED King Par Light which am failing To Patch onto the Consul… plz any help on how to go about it ……and i think i don’t have the personalities for LED King Par Light…

Ian says:

i find this video annoying

Orestinho Nunziato says:

What visualizer from monitor? Wyswig? conect from RS232?

benjamin mellingen says:

“the floppy drive” LOL!

Iyam delos Santos says:

2 different fixture or more in the Same DMX lines it can be work together?

Leonardo Kurnia says:

But when I turn off the console, the LCD screens shows options such as Start a System, Burn New System or Burn from CD, renew lisence– again. I pressed the “A: Start the System” again, but all my programming was lost. There are no playbacks, no light patch, it’s just empty.

What should I do to save the patches & programming I’ve made?

Ekachai Lighting says:

This is wonderful. We will get the Pearl on this coming Friday. I can’t wait to try it out. Cheers

Pritham kb Tech Guru says:


Leonardo Kurnia says:

Hi, I’m Leonardo from the lighting department of Morning Star Academy (MSA). I’m currently running on the Pearl 2004 desk.

I made a “wipe all” on the console then shut it down. When I turn it back on, the LCD screens shows options such as Start a System, Burn New System or Burn from CD, renew lisence, etc. I pressed “A: Start the System”. I patched the lights and save Playbacks to my console. It runs normally.

Michael says:

Why is the Avolites-forum still offline? Furthermore, the only option for example to remove the patch or just the programming, from the new OS on a Pearl Expert Titan (v 3.0), very annoying that one good option is removed!

Avolites says:

you’re welcome ahmed.
we’ll continue making more video tutorials, because we’re sure we’re doing one of the best lighting consoles and we want to share knowledge to other people who are willing to learn.

Nsamba Isaac says:

if u have these files plz help…..

deepesh sachdev says:

which softawere u have put on second pc

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