Coding 101 25: Perl: Creating Dynamic Webpages

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Shannon Morse

Guest: Patrick Delahanty

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LUTCHMAN Nicolas says:

so you have to install mod_perl in apache

Miguel Sensacion says:

Thanks for these videos !

pimmeh - says:

What laptop does she have?

Alpha Strategy Group says:

I thought that was safety function.

Alberto Adrián Schiano says:

A cool example of server side programming is: you tell your server to call a perl script whenever you have a *.gif picture to show in your html page. The server tries to load a *.gif, so it calls with the parameter /gif/path/example.gif . So, the script counts the number of pages shown, through its environment variables it gets the client IP address, can know its location, country code, country language, etc. Then to finish, the script sends the raw binary code of the gif image that corresponds to what the server has to show. And, the client sees the page, as usual, without knowing the amount of info that the perl script has collected. For example, to use for statistics.

Varun Chopra says:

Regarding windows replace feature below code works for windows
Step1 Go to myText Directory
c:>cd myText
Step2 Replace text for all the files within that directory
c:myText> for %f in (*.txt) do perl -pi.bak -e “s/Varun/Mr. Varun/g” “%f”

Robert Leap says:

CGI is pretty much deprecated in the Perl community. I’d recommend looking at a PSGI compliant web framework like Dancer 2.0 or Mojolicious or Catalyst. Also check out for a lot more Perl tutorials.

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