Color Correction Dark Hair to Silver Pearl

Lynna is back after a long time. It’s a color correction that took a long time. Do you like her new color and haircut? Tell me what you think, comment below.

Get your Guy Tang #Mydentity Silver Pearl Color online and #Big9 Cremè Lightener at:

Available in STORES at CosmoProf or online/app (US, Canada, Mexico) or through your CosmoProf Sales Reps and Armstrong McCall stores

International Launch/Worldwide Availabiity very very very soon!

1. Pre-lightened with Guy Tang #Mydentity #Big9 Crème Lightener mixed 1:1 with Permanent Developer 40V and Olaplex off scalp and 20 vol on scalp

2. Rootagè: Guy Tang #Mydentity Dark Shadows + 8SP (Silver Pearl) Permanent 1:1 ratio with 6 Vol developer

3. Alternating ribbons mids to ends: Guy Tang #Mydentity 8SP Permanent 1:1 ratio with 6 Vol developer and 10SP Permanent 1:1 ratio with 6 Vol developer

All color formula with Olaplex No. 1

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Heather Fadden says:

I just got big 9 and I still have brassy bits ;(. As a stylist myself since the age of 16 I’ve yet to find a product that works. It’s like my hair is made of black ink. lol. Help!! And I never really been able to get my hair done always going someone else’s while mine goes unattended;(. I think your work is amazing and I excited to try more of your products !! Xxoo

Gracie Max says:

Being permanent, has anyone used the SP line on virgin hair, or for grey coverage? Would it be recommended? Looking to switch color lines.

Casey DeShields says:

How can i reach out to you to do my hair?

faeryphoebe1 says:

Wow, gorgeous! Lynna is beautiful. She’d look great in any hair color.

Kat T says:

Doesn’t Guy say something like for dark hair, use 40volume developer the first time cause it strips out a lot of the color and doesn’t really damage the hair cause what damages your hair is bleaching it a second time??

Beau Blakely says:


Glady Wong says:

Hi, GUy…
i recently used FANOLA NO YELLOW shampoo to my new Grey hair, and it gives me a kind of Lavender shade..

Is this normal or the product was fake or something?i left it for 5 mins and rinse

BrownSugaBabe says:

She’s adorable. Love the color but I was just wondering if some has that much damage is it a good thing to add more color? Or should you advise them to wait while you work on the health of the hair?

Kelly Cooper says:

Wow! Fabulous hair Guy.

Marcela J. Espinosa Wallkill, NY says:

Can you go from red colored hair to the platinum Smokey hair?

Marce Donoso Cornejo says:


La Sondra White says:

Tony you are the baddest I love your techniques go Lena go Lena

isadimisa says:

Wish my hair dresser would talk a bit more about HOW she does my hair! Guy Tang you are amazing, the best out of the best!!

Sami Patel says:

I wish someone in Chicago did this!

Jhoanna Garcia says:

U never seem to amaze me, u really know ur stuff n ur dam good at it always love ur color , ur the one n only best of the beauty world . Keep those video coming love looking at them .

Elizabeth Peraza says:

Where is your place at?????

mtatty says:

omggg such an asshole and I don’t think anyone is on board w the annoying french naming thing

Aaliya Thorpe says:

This is amazing. You’re amazing!!! WOW

Carina V says:

how long do those colors last Guy?

Hindasound says:

Guy – you are an amazing artist! This is why you earn the big bucks! 🙂

Amy Lynn says:

Aww I’m really shy too. She’s beautiful. And sweet. Sometimes shy people miss appointments because social anxiety sucks sooo bad. 🙁

Elaine Cogar says:

Is there an expiration date on your hair color products? or do they only expire if opened and mixed?

Jlaymimi Dcerna says:

Thumbs up for guy
Thats pretty amazing

maria torres says:


Jaclen OBrien says:

What is up with that girl… what a downer

Ze ru says:

You’re so lovely. And your hair, o m g, it is perfect. Wow, That is you, being so lovely! Lynna Go, Go Lynna.

Ali Rosengrant says:

How do you ensure you’re clients maintain this vibrant color at home?

Emanuel Brandtruth says:

Can I have private lessons from you? really, such knowledge and amazing hands man. Love it.

Ruth Adkins says:

She looks gorgeous. I’m currently at a 6 after the 1 you can see in my pic. I want to go to silver lilac because I have white hair and I’m ready to nor have the root issues.

Meagtr Descon says:

Hey Guy – noob question here so sorry about that… is there a permanent grey/silver colour…? help me out here pls.

Rachel Sluss says:

The grey and blending is so beautiful on the hair, but against her skin tone the colors do not match.

Ana Gallardo says:

beautiful !!!

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