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This video is the complete in depth tutorial step by step of how I paint pearl on vehicles. Its a 3 stage paint process which means the paint job contains 3 different coats (layers of different kinds of paint). This is why people call it a tri-coat paint job. The color code is 3R3

These are the Spray Guns and other Tools I use: Anest Iwata LPH400 Basecoat Gun Anest Iwata Supernova Clearcoat Gun Anest Iwata Pressure Regulator Motor Guard In-Line filter Wypall Wipes for surface prep Plastic Sheeting Overspray Cover

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Stephen French says:

thanks for such a great video!

MR.3130 ORIGINAL says:

You really “Cleared” up my questions thanks!!


I never understand why I see some painters start in the middle of the hood & work towards the edge? You ALWAYS want to pick up a wet edge. By starting in the middle, you pick up on a hazed edge when you switch to the other side…not the right method.

Alex Vazquez says:

No no no!!!

Bryan Eekelder says:

Nice result! Question tho, did you buff the hood after painting it? Or did it turn out this way? Also, i want to switch my carreer up, and combine my passion for motorized vehicles and graphic design so im looking into starting to paint. Could you give me some guidelines or helpful links? Right now im just watching as much painters on youtube as i can and learn a lot, but i need to find a startingpoint.

Ana Lopez says:

No entiendo el inglés, alguien lo puede traducir??

lesterclaypool1 says:

i dont see this as a candy finish and you didnt paint silver or gold after the primer so how is this a candy paint ?

Carlos Donatto says:

This video is primo!!! You did this video with beautiful presentation wonderful teaching wonderful teaching I learned a lot that hood like glass just like glass beautiful thank you for the video

hugo alto says:

Gastas mucha cinta amigo

Cel P says:

Quick back tape would’ve saved you a lot of time n paper.

Johnnie Passmore says:

nice vid.
So after the final clear coat when should u remove the masking!

G webster says:

Bloody hell mate, must take you all day to clear a whole car at that pace.

arys castillo says:

just a question, yes why dont you take off the whole hood and paint the whole hood instead of that partial part only..

Anthony Lee says:

Very very nice job!

Dream4Clover Studio says:

#280 done sub ! nice car!! please sub back my channel too and finish watch ONE video on my channel, thanks you !!!

Erick Lopez says:

What compressor or turbine machine do you use?

Pinkie Love says:

still looks crappy

patrick quimmel says:

am so confused, been watching vidz for car painting and other use 26 to 29psi for there gun and some use 20 psi,

Dustin Sanderson says:

It’s only like 4 bolts to take the hood off ….

Cruzredeye says:

Nice technique

Frank Alguire says:

Do you do all these coats wet? Or how long can you wait between coats?

Joel Langton says:

Def not a tricoat color lol. At least not in waterbourne envirobase. Little ground coat of piston red and two coats with a control coat and it’s done. this was a little harder than it has to be.

ACE MAC says:

Well he didn’t take the hood off because when your in the shop by yourself or every one is bizzy it’s kind of hard to put a hood back on your self with out dinging something.only real painters no that ooopps

patrick quimmel says:

hi, can you color sand a pearl paint before clear?

Joe Alvardo says:

Not real candy

stan onishi says:

Very nice, did you cut and polish? What clear do you like to spray?

Bryan Blatz says:

Nice job but how did you NOT get any runs with the clear laying it on that heavy!?!

Paul Whiting says:

Hi can you please tell me what the masking material is that you use in the video Whats it called i.e brand name etc

david teixiera says:

Awesome skills wish you can paint my ride beautiful job flawless.

James Keeley says:

Take the bonnet off….

Antonio 928 says:

appreciated the care put into masking all that off. a lot of work making sure a paint job is tidy


Hi where can I get that plastic wrap that you use? Thank you

Leslie Thibodaux says:

Very good video and very helpful!! But where can I get that orange water separator and that good regulator(a link maybe)???  Thanks!

Offical Feed says:

done sub back

Diane Carpenter says:

Great vid liked it helps me a lot thanks

Filiberto Barrera says:

I Remember when That color first came out.Worked at the Ford dealer,Painter had to paint hood 4 times before he got it right.The buffer guy had an air buffer,and the air tip came lose from the buffer.He grabbed the air hose.And the air hose hit the hood ten times before the idiot finally took away air hose from expedition hood.To late it had 10 dents in the hood,and painter actually cried and quit his

Michel Guerrero says:

Yes the floor is wet because like that less dust in the environment

phil mcrevis says:

the most painful mask up ever . next time take the  hood off or just run some 2 inch tape around the edge and close ,why do painters start in the middle of a panel

Japs Bd says:

Hey man where your shop? I absolutely like your video.

Gang Aberystwyth says:

Thank you.

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