How to install perl and how to run perl programs

Installiing Perl software and execute perl programs.
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Thanks for your Knowledge Sharing…

arpsdcool says:

Hey when i try to execute from cmd it opens the program which is their in notepad.. what should i do..? plz help!

kameeshwaran viswanathan says:

Thanks lot very useful for beginners …

ogi131000 says:

first write script notepad, save it like in video, yr file must exist in folder where is cmd path, when you type in cmd just write name of file like and enter that is all

Mohamed Antaki says:

i didnt understand 2:00 :s

learningman2008 says:

Thanks for the clear steps

Richard Foley says:

Great to see how you can run the Perl programming language on MS Windows, too!

ogi131000 says:

….and thanks for tut fast and simple great!

Learn Some Thing says:

check perl is installed or not
save file with .pl extention example
run as

Amine Nina says:

thanks, another video about the same subject can be found here :

Krishna Kishore says:

thanks for helping me dude…i really appreciate you

Xprin n says:

Thanks for video….Keep Making Video Of perl … can we run perl in browser.

Philos Bryon .Randle says:

No Audio?

Learn Some Thing says:

while installing it is possible to set path. I am showing how to set the path if any one miss that at the time of installation. At 2.00 I type perl in command prompt nothing will happen because that cmd prompt opened before installing perl. so i close old one and open new command prompt. After setting system path we need to open new command prompt.

Tarikul Islam says:

You are great, extreme, excessive

Jonathan O'Brien says:

But the path was already set, in the video you showed that c:perlbin was already in the PATH on the left of the string. You just added it in redundantly a second time.

Pritam Chatterjee says:

Thanks boss.. Very good…………….

arpsdcool says:

Thank you sir, your are really helpful 🙂

Somesharun V N says:

No need to add the path “C:perlbin”.
In the environment variables it was added before at the time of installation.
Thank you so much for uploading the video. This is the time i started the “perl” for the first time in ma life 🙂

Vikas Sharma says:

thank you Sir.

Spam Ppl says:

love you Ty  <3

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