How to Make Knotted Pearl Necklace : DIY – Inspired by Martha Wayne’s pearls~

Here’s my first try at a knotted pearl necklace! I was totally inspired to do this because of the pearls that Batman’s mom, Martha Wayne, wore.

Skip to 3:09 to get right to the tutorial~

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Lilly Dragon says:

Welcome home!

Jafirah Islam says:

Woah girl you got 283 likes and no dislikes BTW love ya

Kendall Lynn Murphy says:

I’ve seen this sort of technique used, but instead of tweezers I’ve seen people poke a pin through the thread right at the base of the pearl. I’m of the opinion that the tweezers look more effective, I’d worry that the pin would split the thread rather than hold the pearl in place.

the pink girl says:

I am the first ❤

alx123094 says:

this is fantastic. what podcast was it?

Ümmü Mmhn says:

Your glasses are stunning
from where did you get them? 🙂

Lily Martinez says:

Very long intro i feo asleep

Dave P. says:

I think this would work to make a mala necklace

stahp pls says:

You’re my favorite DIYer of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Daniella Echeverría says:

Holy crap – how long did this take you? Haha. Its amazing. I was just telling a friend that I really wanted a pearl necklace because I think they’re so pretty.

Lindsay C says:

Very pretty. Lol @ “if someone rips them off of you!” Now I have a new fear (for my jewelry and my relationships).

Rara Avis says:

Nice one! I did something like that a while ago and I had so much trouble getting the knots to sit really close to the pearls. Your technique is much better than mine!

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

I really look forward to ur video’s each week. u seem to really put a lot into them. I’m always picking up on the little extra things in shows, anime & etc (like the “knotted” pearl necklace) keeping a note pad on me at all times cuz get so inquisitive & always want to know more about everything & anything… it gets worse with age- but I love it

christelisland says:

Really beautiful! TFS

Littletwinkster AJ says:

I love your unorganized craft room… makes me feel so much better about my messy one XD

plant girl says:

Also, are these real pearls?

plant girl says:

Where are your glasses from??

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