How to Spray Paint a 3 Layer Pearl

In this video I will take you through the steps of Spray Painting this Mitsubishi Magna Painted in Standox Solvent Base Color name Misty White Pearl Code:W29 and Crystal Clear Pro HS Clear. This is a 3 stage Pearl and I will explain how to apply and blend the Pearl Color and blend the Clear coat. I am using a DeVilbiss GTI Pro with the HVLP Air Cap and a 1.3mm Fluid Tip and needle. Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Automotive Spray Painting.
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Luiz Carlos Oliveira Barreto says:

3 meses nos Estados Unidos!

texas tough says:

dont you get mottling when you spray wet pearl coats, most pearls today atr more like microflake to me.

tyler t says:

damn that primers smooth

Stephen Moe says:

thank you for your video. I’d to ask one question please. I try one penal same color you did.
after top coat become yellow color. can you explain me please. when you have free time.
thanks a lots.

Emmett Coen says:

Good work man
….on gun choice…my 3.. For high build primer..not fussy any half decent brand with a 1.4 upwards needle…For wet and wet primer Walcom or devilbis gti transtech. .. basecoat…gti pro base..but sata gives a larger pattern but is extremely heavy on air compared to devilbis….clearcoat same as previous gti pro clear…For 2k paint gti transtech. ..There are far to many variables…ie hs. .uhs. .ambient temperature..thinners added etc..i do believe the painter as an individual can make any premium gun work best to suit his/her technique and style of painting. … 🙂

pakilodi says:

Hi what size is ur Tip an psi im having a Difficult Time Sprayin pearl . Are u mixing Reducer in it Any info would help thanks.

JOGO says:

Fantastic !

Kito says:

i love what you are doing dude videos is great :))

Chris Healy says:

Im surprised the color match looks so good on the deck lid (trunk) without blending it with the quarter.. but nice job. Ive been painting for about 7 years and i really enjoy your vids.

Luiz Carlos Oliveira Barreto says:

Meu nome é Luiz Carlos! Eu sou pintor automotivo … eu sou Brasileiro e, estou morando há 3 nos Estados Unidos, cidade Amarillo Texas. Eu admiro muito o seu trabalho, você é grande e, excelente profissional!!

803brando says:

i just did a deck lid (boot) 3 stage, pearl was mixed into an intercoat pearl, i mixed it half ( 6 grams per quart) of max recommended (12 grams). i noticed some odd pattern at a low angle. is it possible to get mottle with pearl? it was a 1:1 mix, but over reduced. 3 thin wet coats and still got a weird reflection in it.

Arkanty1234 says:


Rick Wiley says:

That painter would get fired here for painting short areas. Spray the whole quarter instead of chopping it up into small sections.

lukasz wicher says:

Awesome work, its really hard to find shops that dont cut corners here in Canada. Question though: is it possible for a respray to be unnoticed, running my detailing business under lights, its easy to notice light sanding marks, tiny specs here and there, overspray on edges. Is it possible for there to be no overspray on door edges?

Herb Dubose says:

its all about takeing your time paint 3 layer pearl & painting at all time keep up the god work by dr. spot

tenoch1971 says:

what kind of mask are you using? is good and safe? thanx.

Eric laprise says:

cool I like your video and I have the same clear gun as you now

its nunya business says:

ty for your time god info

MR. Z says:

anyone have any experience with the autobahn paints?

Kito says:

if i spray to coats of clear , let it dry and wet or dry sand with 600G. spray another 2 clear coats. will it crack?
if it does work. i think it goinn to be a deep clear coat.
just hope it won’t crack in the hot sun. 🙂

Mark Parrell says:

awesome video !. just wondering if anyone can help me on the mixture for this paint. Thanks in advance

steve baker says:

great video,real professional job keep up the vids,really informative thanks.

Rock&Roll says:

Which is your top three favorite guns for primers, base and clear? I would like an opinion Gunman.

Doğa Başer says:

hello there nice video i wanna ask something i have mitsubishi lancer (W13 color code diamond white) i want make up paint for my rear bumper . İ use spray can and this steps 1 plastic primer, 2 white layer 3 pearl layer 4 varnish. When i am painiting the bumper paint tone excelent true but after 5 min it looks gray 🙁 what went wrong

alex cebulla says:

hey i want to do a midnight blue pearl over a black or dark blue base with metal flakes is this posible or a good idea and how many coats of what do i need

stigy666 says:

brilliant…..wish I could paint good as that….

Mick D says:

Complete newbie amateur here.  One trailer which turned out well as a first project 🙂  I knew there’s a lot to it and I am watching a lot of pros painting to try and learn the easier way (ie NOT bollox it up myself first).  Interesting info and great to watch and listen to, thank you very much.  I’ll probably tackle some furniture I’m planning to make soon and I think pearl would set it apart..   

Salvatore salvia custom race shop builds says:

great video your the man …i hope you guys put the driverside rear door molding back on lol 

Rick Wiley says:

Only a hack would burn a blend in.

Mr. Horse Power says:

dope vid bro

Xtreme Paint And Body says:

Nice job Gunny

lennon childs says:

Hey mate thinking of painting my car ve poison ivy green acrylic (first time painting). Been into my local paint store and he recomended 1 litre of ground coat and 4 litres of the top coat pearl and 4 litres of clear what are you thoughts on this, going off this vid sounds like it sjould be the other way around

Kevin Allen says:

i just wanted to share that makes sense about turning pressure down and staying close to panel.i noticed in your vids that overspray isnt all over place.some and most people spraying clear you actually lose the person in the fog. keep up the very informative vids. thanks

derricktaitano says:

nice work

Pcorf Creations says:

1996-2005 Mitsubishi Magna/Verada 2.4 4cyl, 3.0L V6 3.5L V6 = great cars. And also the Mitsubishi 380 is a very good car too. Affordable, reliable, simple comfortable cars with great engines. How I wish I could bring in my car to you for repaint of the rear bumper, side skirts and spoiler only problems is I am in Tasmania.

Craig Ferdy says:

great video thank you

Anthony Sanford says:

the way taped up the jam seems very productive. so instead of cutting in first you do it all at once that’s freaking awesome

Laura Shaw says:

Hi Gun Man, thanks for your fantastic vids. Presently getting ready to lay base coat for my first 3 stage pearl white attempt onto bare metal home project. Q, when you state the set pressure on the gun at say 1.9bar, do you mean before the air is flowing or after the handle is pulled. Q, I see you prefer 1.3mm tip, I have 1.4 for my base coat W400 and am considering purchase of new W400 classic for clear. Would you go 1.3 or 1.4. – Painting in home built booth in ‘the shed’ Central Queensland (on the coast). Cheers. Shawry.

reints74 says:

You’re dead right about only needing one pearl coat. As painters, we’re so conditioned to put on a minimum of 2 coats no matter what. The problem is the factory only applies one coat of pearl, which is usually mottled up a bit. If your panels are fully covered/not mottled up, then your panels won’t match the factory finish.

Frank Caltabiano says:

Lots of good info there.  I like the naration with all the info. Thanks..

Josue Leon says:

thank you for the information and your experience. the video is very comprehensive I like the footage and the examples you show. tons of info. keep it up!

MrFuriousG says:

How do you go blocking out a bit of shit or an imperfection in the pearl coat? Iv’e found it’s pretty much a start over again job with the base coat on that whole particular panel, though I guess if your not sharing guns with people that don’t clean them properly, and you have a decent booth you wouldn’t have too many of those issues, anyway thanks for the good video’s. 

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