Learn How to Program Perl: Lesson 1

Welcome to the Learn How to Program Perl video series, a companion to our website (http://www.learnhowtoprogramperl.info). In this lesson, we cover the following:
– Getting Started
– The Hello World Program
– Taking input from the user
– Conditionals

I want to apologize for this being raw footage. I tried to edit with iMovie, then with YouTube Video Editor, and finally Mozilla Popcorn, and nothing wanted to cooperate today. So, here it is…a little rough around the edges, but hopefully okay nonetheless.

For the text counterpart to this lesson, which you’ll need for Windows terminal commands (if you are not using Cygwin), go to http://learnhowtoprogramperl.info/learn-how-to-program-perl-lesson-1/

To set up perl on your Windows computer, go to www.strawberryperl.com

For lesson 2, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwVTEUPMH0s


Khanh Nguyen says:

Thank you so much! I just started, but i could understand! Very clear explanation!

b ill says:

I am so irritated by the constant swallowing

suryaprakash dama says:

Same here! My prompt does nothing until I enter the input. It prints both “hello world” and my name after I enter the name. I am using cygwin and executing the perl script from the folder which has perl.exe using the command “perl.exe helloworld.pl:. Do you know why this could be happening?

vitorix24 says:

Well, I was expecting a lesson for already programmers who doesn’t know perl yet. I think most of the viewers want to know perl because they need that language. If they need, probably they know what a shell is and where is the best program to edit files. just my thought.

Shashank K says:

Just a heads up your website is down bro

Emma Jones says:

Thanks! Awesome video!

Liam Amyot says:

this is very c++ esk…

Diego Speroni says:

Nice, simple, and I’m needing it so much !! thanks A LOT for these tutorials

Leroy Phillips says:

Great video; very simple, yet concise and informative.

Leela Diac says:

@ Tom, I’m very sure you can add in your if chris an OR statement and include Chris there

Ali R says:

I applied for this job and they also prefer person to know Perl.  I was kinda nervous but this is not too different than C/C++ or Java or even Matlab.  Now I will be able to give an interview with more confidence.

Thank You

LIKE1001 says:

I mean as a text editor…

antred11 says:

I would actually go one step further than *use warnings;* and recommend *use warnings FATAL => ‘all’;*

Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi says:

Perl is not intepreting the code line by line, it is compiling, storing the compiled code in memory and executing it

ckildegaard says:

Thank you for the wonderful comments, you both! More are coming as soon as I get my primary computer back. For now, you can find more lessons on my website (see description).

L says:

Lets say you are brand new to. programming…can I do this?

Fernando Basso says:

Thanks. I’m from brazil, but you talk in a pace and way/pronunciation that is very easy to understand.

Very nice video for a very nice programming language.

eric stolte says:

Hi, I am on a windows 7 pc. I am in my cmd and i typed what you did and it says “The system cannot find the path specified” I tried typing documents with a capital and lower case “D”. the same result occured. any ideas on how i can fix this?

Margz says:

Thanks for the help!

NickleJ says:

if( num > 10 )
elseif ( num < 10 ) else ... for the most efficient code

Colter Hochstetler says:

What Cygwin packages should I install?

Phrontistery Co. says:

No such file or directory

ckildegaard says:

Just added the link in the description. Thank you for your interest in my videos!

Everardo Curiel Quesada says:

nice and simple

Rosa Tepache says:

bha, i do not need to watch the video to say i really love Perl a reals queen of software

beck rajesh says:

Nice video…! learned basics of perl scripting from here … http://www.linuxgun.com/2014/08/perl-scripting-basics.html

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