Lecture – 21 PERL – Part I

Lecture Series on Internet Tecnologies by Prof. I. Sengupta, Department of Computer Science Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in


ElNick09 says:

Thank you for this class, it is really helpful!

Blyledge says:

This was very useful, clear, and succinct. Thank you.

Nilesh D says:

Thank you,it help me lot to understand basic of Perl.

Will Newton says:

I just typed in “perlm[ t]hflgwesdef scx” and this shit came up… wtf?

F. Yo. Couch says:

@kpb96m get used to it…..the world is getting smaller according to
Friedmanites, and btw, your comment is pushing racial insensitivity…..
The Indians have made a great many contributions to the world…you shouldn’t diss them …………hell they invited 0 and their recent moon probe found water before we did………… i wonder how many Indians work at Google/YT…u just dissed some of the poeple that make it possible for u to even comment here…hmmmm

F says:

@timtico True, even the official tutorial says PERL is not an acronym.

DirtBike .BubbleHamster says:

excuse me mr. persian, i’ll let you finish, but C++ had the best program of 2011!

puneet sohi says:


suseem amrite says:

Great series….!!

sunny grewal says:

nice lecture!!

Pradipta Kumar Sahoo says:

Thank you Sir,, Its really help fulll.. 🙂

Chandra Kanth says:

At 33.46
it will not compile as there is an error the line ::: print << EOM; use instead ::: print << "EOM"; then use the lines which you want to print followed by EOM

Abed Nego says:

It is not PERL, it’s Perl.

Dave Patheyjohns says:

Put up your own videos so we can criticize YOU. Be thankful that you stumbled across this channel and the many hours taken to compile the video. The guy is only human with human mistakes. I await a video response from you on the PERL language. Peoples lives in India are not good be thankful also that your not in their situation. Response to timtico

WafflesInTheHouse says:

Cool video, thanks so much for posting this!

Andrew Solomon says:

There is a point made at 2’30” which says that Perl is a line-by-line interpreted language. I’d like to clarify that point, because it’s quite important with respect to performance.

Although it does not write a binary file to disk, Perl does turn the whole package into byte-code in memory before executing it.

This has the benefit of pushing all the ‘compile time’ to the beginning of a process, so that things which run continuously – such as web services – do not spend much time compiling their code. For more detail see https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/B-C/perlcompile.pod

Korada Prudhvi says:

very neat explaination thank u

Ritesh Verma says:

True! The values will be bat and 1. I have checked it.

Sharath Kulal says:

practical extraction and report language or practical report and extraction language?

T Phipps says:

Your lecture was very clear and detailed. Thank you

krishna chaitanya Emani says:

good lecture for someone who has little to good programming knowledge. The Line Oriented Quoting example missed the “” for EOM. It needs to be:
print << "EOM"; and then the lines and then end it with just EOM as show below EOM Thanks for the video though, its a nice idea to listen than to read sometimes. 🙂

dave597 says:


chemby mae samodal says:

It is same as PHP syntax..

BraMonate says:

Thanx for the brilliant tutorial

Naveen teja J N V says:

Thank you for good knowledge sharing..!!! Its been very handy..!! 

yuvasri pannerselvam says:

Very good explanation and more useful information about technologies.

Mickey McCauley says:

around @51:41, his interpretation of the “Push” function is incorrect. Push ADDS the element to the end of the array, it does not replace the last element. The confusion came because he “popped” the array (red, blue, green, black) first, leaving him with (red, blue, green). Then, when he “pushed” white into the array, he got (red, blue, green, white), which looked as though white had replaced black, when in fact it was added to the end of a 3-element array.

Shree Kulkarni says:

Good Video for beginners ..should have some usage exposition with real time program.

Siddharth says:

Amazing thanks

kpb96m says:

That accent makes me want to hang myself.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon , the mild mannered Operator of the Kwik-E-Mart by day..transforms into super Perl Guru by night teaching all who care on the inter-web of the world!

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