Lets Play S7 E40 Ender Pearl Farm

Just in time for a world download, lets start farming ender pearls!

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Aleš Jansta says:

Hey Dire, you cannot detect how much LP you have (automaticaly) but you can fill your orb, then altar starts fill and you can detect it (you already did it) and connect that signal to your green growth ritual as an automatic turn off switch

lollazer1 says:

to make magical wood i’m pretty sure you can just throw some book cases in a fluid transposer with liquid xp. requires a few more book shelves but it is faster than enchanting a bunch of things.

Alexander Krivács Schrøder says:

You probably get too many comments to read, but still. I just want to inform you, dire, that if you just want to auto-craft in AE2 without having to look at the crafting plan, hold down shift, and the “Next” button turns into a “Start” button and skips that step. It saves you a few clicks and mouse movements if you don’t care about looking at the crafting plan every time.

Multiple Bro says:

All dire needs is a killer joe with the sacrifice blade.

Palerider1942 says:

will you be doing bees this series?

SuperWookie111 says:

Zombie spawner: Dimensional transreciever brings power there. No cables too!

Epic Elliot says:

What’s the mod that let’s u see the % of growth

Will Jubb says:

For episode 50 you should get pahimar, soaryn, fireball, Aurelian and TTFTCUTS and do a base tour.

By the way dire good job on the base, it looks good.

MrNocifx says:

Dire for automated blood do an ritual called … huuum …. I’m sorry i dond’t remerber his name but he kill auto mob and over and altar it’s produce more he use 🙂

Knifemaresama says:

Direwolf try saying “Ender Cores” 4 times in a row 😛 ………. Okay ill show my self out

mello36942 says:

anyone have the world 40 D/L?

Joseph Bianculli says:

When does the world download come doe sit come in a day a week or a few hours please tell me 

IHateYoublah says:

Is there not an upload from this video ?

spydercrawler says:

..now you just need to add the botania reincarnation and the aircraft growth lamp, and you will achieve SUPER SPEED.

SuperWookie111 says:

Get efficiency AND speed augments! Super engines, they will be!

That Gamer says:

when i load a world it just closes. can you help? thanks

Kishore Ramu says:

When I press the ? Mark in the new it doesn’t automatically fill in the crafting bench

The Atomic Cherry says:

How many different ways can Dire say ‘take it easy’?

Hex Pool says:

@sethSmith because soaryn

Tony Pion says:


Creme De La Meme says:


Joseph Bianculli says:

How do you make the world

Bone Draqe says:

where’s the world download?

Csak Szlan says:

I think making Endstone from enderpearl and obsidian would be cheaper than the ender quarry

Nova Mccoy says:

2:07 woot ???

publicsafetydan says:

Since the master ritual stone is bound to you, won’t that make it free from causing nausea for anyone downloading the world?

Jacob Fraser says:

Can you add magical crops to the next pack?

Bög Jävel says:

bruh i love these lets plays

Norman676 says:

I am sorry that you have to alredy do so much for this download.

tommythevideomaster says:

What mod pack is this?

MrCreamster20 says:

All that flux could be good if you were to add the mod “Forbidden Magic” to your pack as it adds a botania flower called the “Taint Thistle” that will convert flux gas/goo to mana!!!

Aleš Jansta says:

im suprprised golems are not harmed by ender lilly

Pyramidalist says:

For the german spoken audience I gave an Idea of Ender Lily farming, quite a bit different but ready for massive production..

Für das deutssprachige Publikum have eine Ender Lily Farm gezeigt, die etwas anders funktioniert aber eine Massenproduktion zuläßt.

Norman676 says:

Will the download be up tomorrrow?

jetegtmeier71 says:

ender pearl flowers don’t hurt golums?

Don Chadwick says:

put a trap door, like a lid on the cauldron. if you flush it wile doors closed flux doesn’t do anywere.

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