Perl part 3: Perl functions and commands

Dr. Rob Edwards from San Diego State University introduces some common Perl functions and commands


Michael Klug says:

Helpful introduction for me, thank you!

Árpád Goretity says:

That code doesn’t print the sum for the lines. It keeps summing up all the lines accumulatively instead.

Yushu Zhu says:

Very good! I find it very helpful to learning Perl. Thanks.

Krzysztof As says:

> perl -e ‘my $d = 0; print defined $d’
> 1
– 0 is defined (defined is defined! please, don’t confuse people)
– false is undef or 0
– true is everything else, eg: 1

1. Library full of objects: (eg: Set::Scalar)
2. Good book: (eg. “Packages and Namespaces”) – which not confuse.
3. Perl 5 is backward compatible and TIMTOWTDI*[1], this isn’t mean that perl isn’t OO + eg: Moose or Object::InsideOut.


crist tamiel says:

this is so painfull to watch. Please spare some headaches and use python lol. Perl sucks ass

rambabu koppineni says:

Its Nice

myp410up says:

It’s amazing how terse a Perl program can become. But what’s the advantage of that programming style? Perhaps an experienced Perl programmer will understand the code but to me it appears inscrutable.

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