Perl tutorial: basics

Perl scripting tutorial for beginners – Perl introduction: variables, control structures, input. Watch other lessons, visit


softbluejazz says:

There are several mistakes in this video:
7.5e23 is not negative.
12e24  is not negative either.
And in the ‘John’ vs. ‘fred’ example, the second line compares ‘John’ to ‘John’, not to ‘fred’.

And why such morbid dissonant music?

Ashok and Stephen are right. This video is an unreliable and tedious way to learn something. Time for me to move on to a better tutorial series. (Sheesh!)

TomCaT ToM says:

If I type cmd I get a command line but its not the same root as the one shown. How do I get the command line related to the directory my file is saved in ?

MHD HA says:

a lot of thanks

goldenshadow333 says:

Thanks a lot!

willpoweredstudios says:

despite what a few people have said about this video, I actually found it to be one of the best programming tutorials I’ve ever gone through. Normally I hate videos that have text instead of narration, but the way this was presented was actually more helpful to me than speech because I could just pause on the things that I needed to re-read, there is no such luxury with narration. Also the music was cool, even if it isn’t what I’d think of as programming tutorial music.

JointhjfuyFullHour says:

Mastering Perl Scripting Learn more here!…

Eyal Greengrass says:

music by?

Ashok Kumar says:

Change the video speed to 2 and watch otherwise it takes an era to complete this tutorial.

Silan Taysun says:

first thing does not work. 

I write the exact same thing u do in notepad++ and save it as a .pl file. When i write it in cmd it opens up the file as u open a file with the option “open with”..

First i type perl then afterwards i type in the name of the script

I use windows 7

Also when i try to type it in without typing in perl first this comes up.

i type perl

“perl” is not recognizes as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

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