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02:16 – Intro & Scalars
11:35 – Math
15:40 – Conditionals
23:07 – Looping
28:38 – Strings
35:25 – Arrays
44:30 – Hashes
48:29 – Subroutines
56:00 – File IO
1:00:36 – Object oriented Perl

I cover basically what you would learn in a 250 page book in this one video. We’ll learn all the basics plus pragmas, scalars, arrays, hashes, printf, print, math functions, conditionals, boolean operators, if, elsif, else, unless, ternary operator, looping, for, foreach, while, do while, reading input, given, strings functions, s///, ranges, slice, sort, push, pop, join, subroutines, recursive subroutines, packages, object oriented Perl and so much more.

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George Wang says:

I am new to Perl. Quick question: what is the advantage of using Perl over C? These two languages look a lot a like.

Reivivus says:

Isn’t the switch loop basically equivalent to …?

if() { }
elsif() { }
elsif() {}
else { }

ein mensch says:

what does $x ||= 11 do?

Suq Madiq says:


Julian itwaru says:

Great tutorial Derek helped with a lot. However, I do have a couple of questions. I understand how to read from a file, but what if you needed to read from a directory and needed to read all the files in that directory.

venkatesh sarivisetty says:

hi. I have a file consist of LINEFEED character very next to the header and trailer.. I want to move those to end of the record. other records having the last character at the end only. please share your thoughts

priyanka vengurlekar says:

HI Derek!!! what is the text editor you are using in ur video?

Christopher Langat says:

what ide are you using

Roland Brake says:

Ugly language

Tino Rozzo says:

Where do we find that straight line on the keyboard? What is teh best PERL IDE with out the Linux brain surgery.

Shane Oliver says:

I just wanted to say Thank you for a Great tutorial on Perl, This for me was an excellent refresher as it covered most of the things I needed to remember, not I only have to do a small amount of refreshing on things like multi dimensional hashes and specific modules – So again Thanks – I haven’t yet but am about to go through the rest of your videos and see what other cool ones you have made

O. B says:

Why learn perl???

-Luziferino- says:

it’s like LUA

Mohamed Ahmeddeedat says:

how can i have an editor with auto completion “on windows” like yours? any help would be appreciated , thank you.

Knowideer says:

I’m great fan of you teaching videos. I do have a request/ suggestion for a video. There are next to zero decent and in depth videos on recursion. Could you look into doing a recursion and its uses/ application?

Chris Spreitzer says:

Whoever uses Linux with Ubuntu version 16, I have a question. Why did they remove *syntax* from VI. The coloring of the words really helped me know if I was doing something wrong. And don’t tell me to just use a text editor because I hate those.

Saeid Banaei says:

Thanks a lot for the fast-paced and great tutorial, I have a question, If I have 3 arrays, I want to sort one of them and at the same time sort the other two based on entries in the first one. for example
array1 array2 array3
5 d yy
1 c tt
2 a uu

after sort:
array1 array2 array3
1 c tt
2 a uu
5 d yy


Atul Chavan says:

Thank you Derek. I really needed the short introduction to the language. I successfully passed the exam with your help.

Jake Gibson says:

in order to use Pearl do you have to download a program can you use CMD to access Pearl

gopal shaurya says:

thanks have helped me a lot… 🙂

N Jinny says:

This was so helpful! Thanks!!!!!!

Grey Fox says:

so you are polish, objazdowo
all I learned was Assembler and COBOL (yeah outschool) and find a dislikening to Java but Perl seems fine with me, it has some similarities with Ruby

Ion Murgu says:


Ivy Chen says:

Very best tutorial. Thank you!

Zack Grey says:

What software are you using to code this though? Please? If anyone knows, I am new to perl and very confused lol

Tino Rozzo says:

Nice video, I like PERL, good delivery.  You have done some videos. Cool.

cyancoyote says:

I actually prefer Perl over Python. Is that weird?

Raj says:

You should make videos of learning sed and awk in one videos

Ratstail91 says:

Apart from string manipulation I don’t see the point of this language.

Ion Murgu says:


Tino Rozzo says:

I’d hate to be a pain in the arse, but here is the issue for a lot of us. We don’t have time to become computer techies. Even easier things are like brain operations to us. I have tried those so called Easy to use programs (Not just programming) with CADS, and other Software. How do we connect PERL and other languages to Geany and Eclipe? How do we run them? Back in the day we just ran a program on a terminal and added run, and the program ran before our eyes. It isn’t just with computers. I seen a TV show where there is this great divide between techies and everyone else. Even running audio euipment takes rocket science. That TV program showed that Techies do not communicate to regular people well. I guess we could inspire fols like you to make step by step type videos. I also noticed the instruction videos look nothing like the stuff we are usuing. Wouldn’t it be nice if things where like the old days when we could just run something.

Thundercunt McGeezax says:

> makes variable named $is_not_intoxicated
> negates it when used

*y tho ಠ_ಠ*

James Sager says:

great one! thanx!

Brent Prox says:

50:38 Bob Ross?

Cesar Saldivar says:

Nice tutorial!!

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