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In this episode of QuickBytes, your host Mark Lassoff explains the difference between the Perl and Python programming languages. The pros and cons of each language are demonstrated in the form of examples.

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Flash Man says:

Mike Lassoff looks like he could kill a deer a mile away just with his mind.

Steffen Schmidt says:

really didnt learn much from this

Dan K says:

anyone here from Blindspot?

Sjwaria Law says:

So basically Python is much simpler and cleaner to use.

Bluebrain says:

You did not show the difference of these two languages!
You just pointed out the difference of writing code blocks. Tab-indentation vs. brackets.

Rajendra Prasad matcha says:

Thank you sir

Brieara Huff says:

” *Edureka’s Mastering Perl Scripting course aims to make you an expert Perl developer and enables you to develop useful applications which are used in the industry very often start here! .*

khalil zakaria Zemmoura says:

you like python! me too but you shouldn’t say python is more modern than perl things that way, it confuses people since both are old. it confusing people. they are both useful

Thorkil Værge says:

You are using dynamic scoping variables in Perl. Why would you do that?

George Wang says:

In terms of capability of which each can achieve (Perl vs Python), what is it like for each? Just looking at this video I like how Perl looks a lot more like C. But I have also seen a handful of Python videos and the available Python libraries are so convenient I love them.

Subbusainath Rengasamy says:

Mr.lassoff python is way better than perl instead of doing some old school stuff in typing python has some simple typing language no need to use some $() signs blah blah:p
thank u for briefing thid in smile face and ease way …. !!!! have a great day…:)

ConsolePeasant92 says:

your face is funny

Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi says:

Perl was started in 1987, Python in 1989 … so not much younger 🙂

Matt Oates says:

Yeah 4 years different between the creation of Perl and Python. Give me a break. Python is just as old, it’s just newer to being 😎

Leverquin says:

why this videos sucks?!

Jeff Speer says:

I am currently learning the basics with C and I was wondering if it was a wise choice considering lots of people recommend Pythons as the first language to learn. Any advice appreciated.

volintine says:

What is the name of code editor that you were using?

Stephan Wagner says:

perl gives the programmer freedom of choosing different ways of solving a problem, which makes good perl code more readable than code of any other language.

Albert Winston says:

What the hell?
foreach (1..10) {
    print “This iteration is $_n”, “Round and Round”;

Эрдни Мергенов says:

line 1: `i =0`
line 4: `i=i+1`
pep8 is also part of Py

Philippe Neron says:

great example…thanks

Albus Scheiwolka says:

You mean that python is less than perl because it needs indentation? While indenting is (I believe) the most necessary part in writing script because it looks cleaner and is better in comprehending?

I’m somehow trying to teach myself python and I have zero experience with perl so this is just out of curiosity.

Astro Code says:

in contrast python is the best beginning language for beginners

technoway says:

I have written many scripts in Perl and Python. For most things, I prefer Python. Google “Perl python Eric Raymond” (without the double quotes). He summarizes his experience as an experienced Perl programmer who learned Python. To summarize, even though he knew Perl for years, in just 6 days he could an error free program in Python that he would have to debug in Perl.

JointhjfuyFullHour says:

Mastering Perl Scripting Learn more here!…

Fernando Guerrero says:

Less is more. With python is clean and clear

Rocco Di Russo says:

can i ask u one thing, but what is the site u use in the video?

Alexander Búfalo says:

PRINTF to use the /n /anything. Does not use print for that.

RusFedor says:

time php test.php
real    0m0.037s
user    0m0.028s
sys     0m0.008s

time python
real    0m0.030s
user    0m0.024s
sys     0m0.004s

time perl
real    0m0.006s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

time bash
real    0m0.004s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

time ./test.cpp
real    0m0.003s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

time ./test.c
real    0m0.002s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

time ./test.asm
real    0m0.001s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

Adam Rakowski says:

I am agains talking about languages as about their syntax. A differences in languages are about ideas and paradigm implementation details, not syntax.

Assume that you have an list of numbers:

arr = [1, 4, 12, 87, 31, 21, 19, 11, 90, 13]
How would you multiply all odd numbers in this array?

Python has some elements of functional programming. Take a look:

import operator
reduce( operator.mul, filter( lambda x : x%2==1, arr ) )

That’s it! This could be the difference between Python and [whatever you wish]

Linux Jedi says:

Awesome vid!!

Astro Code says:

Perl is just really open to everything i prefer perl

Shashank Gupta says:

You smile too much dude.

Piotr Fidler says:

you are presenting only one of lots of differences between those two programming languages, so this video has questionable usability

Kent Fredric says:

Tips: All Perl code written since 2000 should begin with “use strict; use warnings”. Not having these in advice to new users is detrimental because those statements help new users the most. ( Sadly, they’re necessary for backwards compatibility reasons ).

Then the bad form of declaring “$i” without “my” would be more apparent.

Sure, it may be extraneous to the comparison, but people will try to learn from these examples, and teaching bad practices is ill advised.

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