Remington Waving Wand Tutorial (Pearl Eliptical Curling Wand)

Curling Wand: Remington T-Studio Pearl Eliptical Curling Wand From Target ($22)
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NoaCohen11 says:

You are so pretty!!!

Caela West says:

How is your hair so long!!!

Deanna Devaney says:


Ellegeemichelle says:

So I was just watching this video admiring your hair trying to decide whether to buy this curling iron or not when I saw your name and realized we’re name twins 🙂

PeppermintStiles says:

You have the prettiest hair at of any of the tutorials I’ve watched!!!!! okay so I’m horrible at doing my hair and have no idea what I’m doing… I want the beachy like look I have long hair to just past the middle of my back its medium thickness how long should I hold it???

Sara Shields says:

my god your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

Mel Stevens says:

my karmin g3 clipless is waiting…

Jaide Arensdorf says:

woah you move your hands around really fast and talk really fast om

sharanda says:

i love your fringe omg

Mel Aldercy says:

Thank you 🙂

MaraxGorgeous says:

I love this wavy look!

Lizz Love says:

Omg have dat wand

Lulu Martin says:

O MY FREAKING GOOOODDDDD!!!!! Your hair is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even handle it right now. Where exactly did you get that wand from??? I’ve got to get one ASAP!!!! I don’t have a clipless curling wand but I do use a curling iron with a and I just wrap my hair around it. But my hair SUPER thick and the iron takes forever to heat up which is a real inconvenience when I’m trying to curl my hair for 9:30am Sunday morning mass.

Cindy Pacheco says:

You sorta look like Acacia Brinley … However your spell or say her name -.-

Captain Miles James says:

i can’t find the waving wand anywhere >.< even online

Mel Stevens says:

my karmin g3 clipless is waiting…

RT4TT says:

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. And gorgeous hair!!!

ChristinaSkye says:

super helpful! i think i’m going to buy this and try it out and hopefully have a tutorial up soon too! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Amelya Vlogs says:

samantha she dont have to god

KCbling2015 says:

I literally didn’t know what u said half the time but cute hair!!

Shanae N says:

You have georgous hair

Kaleigh Henderson says:

You really should use heat protectant on your hair because your hair burns with or without heat protectant over 351 degrees

Maranda Fisher says:

Your. Hair. Is. PERFECT! I wish I had your type of hair.. BUT to protect those pretty locks, I suggest heat protectant. Even if you don’t use it a lot. I don’t want you ruining your beautiful hair!

Mary Green says:

omg your hair…….. #perf

The Book Cave says:

I love your videos!!

Victoria 17 says:

this was annoying …

juliet hickey says:

That steam coming off her hair hurt me

SravStyle says:

If you want to see a review of the new Revlon curling wand, check out my channel!

Lauren Ella says:

410ºC …. how are you not bald ?

kaitek4 says:

I just bought what I believe to be the same product, in a slightly different configuration, because mine is red and black. I bought it at Target, you can see it online at Target, Remington T|Studio Silk Ceramic Pro Styling Elliptical Wand,
I absolutely love it! I have never had curls actually “hold” in my hair. This iron works well. My question: do you also own another curling wand that is a cone shape? I’m interested which you like better.

jiya khan says:

Nctrm l

Sarah Gillingham says:

u talk really really fast :O

Chloe Garrett says:

You’re so pretty!

Annie Bridget says:

Your hair is sooooo gorgeous

Marley Cairns says:

awesome video but u talk wwwwaaaayyy too fast girl!

Emma Reynolds says:

you are gorgeous and have gorgeous hair

ava mccall says:

OMG you don’t even know how long I have been looking for a tutorial on this wand thanks so much!?

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