Should I Learn Python or Perl?

Should I learn Python or Perl?

Perl may be dying out relative to newer programming languages like Python.

Then I should go with Python.

Not necessarily. Perl is built into Unix, so you can always use it in the Unix / Linux systems.

That’s quite a pigeon-hole.

Perl was used when they did a lot of network prototyping, and it is still used in that area.

Just because Perl is popular in that area due to inertia doesn’t mean I should learn it.

It is used for rapid prototyping for IT security.

Other languages can be used for that.

Now Perl does have worse object references and is more difficult to read if you are reviewing someone else’s code.

That’s a problem in almost any programming language.

Perl Six brings in some new CPAN and object oriented functions, making the language more relevant.

Why would I want to learn Python?

Python lets you create apps fast. You could create a program that takes weeks in C++ in a day in Python.

I heard the language was easy to use.

It is easy to learn and can do almost anything.

It sounds better than learning Perl, which is going obsolete.

Another advantage of Python is that it is still evolving. If you learn that, you can learn versions like Jython that are merged with Java and C.

I see a lot of online discussions about it.

Python has a large online community for advice. Oh, and it’s free, unlike trying to learn Oracle or MS SQL.

Free is good.

The other advantage of Python is that you can use it for everything from creating kernels to building major applications. It’s pretty versatile.

That means it has good job security too. It’s better than stepping into something nearly obsolete.

Yeah, but people who know Perl can get paid a fortune to migrate those apps and databases to something new.


Blues Slide says:

One of the long term human behaviors we are stuck with is “Is it the newest one” … doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter that the 40 year old vacuum cleaner has outlasted 3 that were bought in the last 10 years. New is better because buying the new one is easy. That’s human nature. Also, a word that is missing from this video, “Efficiency” in the context of CPU cycles. Another important word, “Security” is only mentioned in the context of “Job Security”.

Danny thegamer says:

Well 2 very important languages are Javascript and Perl. Perl is great for creating games! Javascript is perfect for your web host and/or domain. Along with Javascript, you must know HTML and CSS. CSS is in my opinion the EASIEST coding language. It connects with an HTML file. In 5 minutes you can learn the majority of CSS. It is the most popular stylesheet language in existence. HTML and CSS are both very easy to learn. Javascript is complicated. Jython is a VERY good language to learn. Knowing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jython, and Perl is like the best combination of languages. So I really think Perl is better than Python. But Jython is way more important than Perl.

Shawn says:

Python is great because it’s 23 years old. It’s old enough that you won’t go to jail for loving it, but it’s still young enough that it doesn’t have saggy tits.

Victor Fernandez says:

everytime there is a religious war-like debate in the comments. instead of shouting “PYTHON FTW!!!”, “PERL FTW!!!” or “python is for lazy people…”, why don’t you describe WHY you think so? i mean, every language has its ad- and disadvantages. and it would be useful for beginners to see both sides instead of such caveman comments.

for example: i’m rather learning assambler than the functionality of microprocessors with C or other high level programming languages. because i see in assambler every step on the hardware-level. and with tiny mircoprocessors you don’t need to flood the RAM with a ton of librarys they need on high level lang.
when writing bigger programs on bigger microprocessors, then i’ll consider to switch. but not yet. i just don’t have the use for it.

or i don’t like java and prefere c# because of its performance on a windows machine. even a very simple java application is awfully slow compared to c#. java works smooth on unix. sure, i’ll consider to change to java when i’m developping some unix applications, because running a .NET mono application on unix is retarded. but i don’ thave the need now for this.

we developers are gifted with an intelligent brain. so use it, please. be more “public” and not “private”… 😉

ala bader says:

Matlap !

IPlayWithFire135 says:

Trick question. Learn both.

Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi says:

other newer languages like one created in 1989 😉

The lemon of derp says:



Actually Perl is in everything connected to the internet or drivers and passwords it can bruteforce,sercurity cams etc

Ying Tu says:

what does he mean by rapid prototyping?

Matt Oates says:

All those operating system kernels written in Python… wat

TheKvack says:

python, asp, ruby, php, perl .. whatever ..the fashion change every year……… now all the neckbeards know python..and rave about it being the best language ever.. tomorrow its ruby

joe s says:

So , if i learn perl ,it would be easy for me to switch to python later on ? , and since i would be working in Unix and Linux , perl would be the best language for me to learn , right guys ?

Lucas Moraes says:

I prefer Perl, but not problem work with Python or PHP.

AnCap Roboticist says:

The ever evolving Perl….but Python is useful for beginners and non programmers. It’s not an opinion it is whether or not you are a programmer. I think even Larry would tell you this… What defines the programmer is one that would EVEN use it? Why bombard EVERY user with a language they will almost never use? Or maybe Larry would say “Don’t.”

HotchiwawaChronicles says:

If I compare Perl and Python,
well the python is a huge snake that wants to eat you
and perl is a gem that can give you a lot of money.
But if you can kill the snake and sell its skin to a shoe factory, maybe you can be rich too, but killing is bad!
So perl is logically the best choice 😀

TheRedmainecoon says:

Perl or Python? That’s not the question. It is often a simple hype which defines which languages is currently popular, tomorrow it’s another one! The best way: learn both, you will be more effective than using only one of them. Don’t think too much about picking one language.
Normally it depends entirely on what you are going to do, there is nothing like “an unltimative language”, and python would be far far away from that anyway.
And some tasks are better and faster done in simple shell or an “one-liner” in awk without thinking too much about it 🙂
Who is telling that perl is going obsolete? Are you aware how old sh or even awk is?

The most important question is, how many ways do you know to get it done. Think from simplest to hardest, can I do it using shell? No, ok can I take awk? Should I use Perl? oder Python? Is python too slow ok, I can use C, and so on.
Doing all the stuff using just one language is not very smart.

Do you have ever seen a handyman using just one tool?

bruno zanetti says:

thats is the most fucking stupid video i’ve ever seen.

Mission Failed says:

ROFL, what a dumb video… Comparing apples and oranges with pears and then making an argument that oranges are better… The author doesn’t even realize that Perl 5 and Perl 6 are different languages. Perl 5 got its last major release in Feb. 2015, and according to this video it’s “obsolete”?

Pushkar Shrivastava says:

Free is not good since its often unprofessional and crap. Even if you address in your resume that you are aware of certain language,you are expected to be Thoroughly aware,not just aware.

Marko Jozic says:

I would like to compare them by their repositories … Cpan (perl) and pip (python) .. and i have to say that cpan works waaaaaaay better on all platforms

pip on the other hand is a nightmare .. srsly …

Marek Wesołowski says:

most of comments defend Pearl, that’s no coincidence coz Python defends itself 😉

Astro Code says:

honestly perl was my beginner language but python is better for beginners even though over time it gets boring ,and you no longer k now what to do with it. After python you should learn perl there’s a wide variety of things you could do with this language. 

Brad Gilbert says:

This was obviously written by someone that doesn’t program in Perl. For example there is actually a lot of new things going into Perl5 with every yearly release since 2010. subroutine signatures for example was added in 5.20.0 which only just came out in May of this year (2014). Not only that, but most old code will run unmodified on even the newest of releases. ( Most of the breakages have been because the user code had latent bugs in it, with the rest happening because of a deprecated feature of the language )

There are even plans of adding another object system to Perl5.

As far as going obsolete, the reality is that Perl isn’t seen as the hip new language to learn anymore. If you want a hip new language, learn Perl6. Which works pretty much the same no matter what VM you deploy it on. ( The latest Rakudo release works on 3 different VMs, including the JVM )

Perl6 also steals ideas from many other languages, and adds a few new ones as well. I dare you to name another language that has lazy lists, multi-subs ( overloaded subroutines ), roles/traits, progressive typing, grammar engine ( sane regex ), junctions, hyper operators, and the ability to create new operators the same way you create subroutines. And that is just the start of the list of things that aren’t also in Perl5 without loading additional modules.

There are a few things that aren’t implemented yet in Perl6 ( none of them listed above ), but the vast majority of what you will use on a day to day basis is.

Did I mention that implementation of Perl6 (rakudo) is mostly written in Perl6? ( There is some VM specific code which isn’t written in Perl )

Joshua Collado says:

Well, that was fun to watch. Wohoo

Adrian Fisher says:

What the person who made this didn’t say was that Python is split and in some ways stuck in the past. The new version is 3.x which is not backwards compatible with the 2.7 (or earlier) many people still use because of libraries…

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