Simple DMX Programming (part 2)

Learn simple DMX Programming using four PAR 64 lights and a Chauvet Obey 40 controller. This is a follow up to the first “How to program DMX lights for beginners” tutorial that explains the basic terms and concepts of DMX.


Mike Loshchinin says:

Watched several vids and still isn’t clear: does the transition time slider also controls transition time when you switch the scenes manually?

Dannylyn Dela Vega says:

How can I delete scenes and chases? Thank you for your response as soon as possible.

The Peaceful Minds Center says:

Good Job! Very Helpful! Thanks for taking the time.

Steven Langfield says:

How would you set up an LED smoke machine with this? ie, if I wanted Scene 1 to be a Orange LED with smoke?

faizan afzal says:

very best

gjrp18 says:

how do you delete chase?

Callum Covill says:

Thanks for this video it really helped

Howard Jones says:

Thank you this really helps

ace anzano says:


Jemuell Matura says:

thank you

Menno Boertje says:

thank you!

Stevie Mulkey says:

Very helpful, took all the guesswork out. Thank you.

Justin Comini says:

how do you delete a scene

Stevie Mulkey says:

Can you please do a video on more chase options?

DJ Y says:

I really like your video tutorial, I have chauvet obey 70 which I think it’s similar to obey 40 except that mine has a joystick that I can use for moving heads. I see that on the end of your video in 10:19 you have the effect that I would like to create on mine obey 70. As a matter of fact, I would like to create the same effect as it was created on the video I am attaching here by using chauvet ShowExpress, here is the link so my question is can I do that exact thing on my chauvet obey 70 ? can I have this one light chasing another ?

PantherJagger says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my shows now look totally pro!!

jesus abraham achata rodriguez says:

el mejor tutorial que e visto hasta ahora solo que esta en ingles , alguien sabe de alguno que este en español parecido a este?

jose sastre says:


blane robinson says:

Can you do a tutorial on programming moving heads?

Dj Naisan Official says:

Love you man thanks

مسارح ياهلا ابراهيم خضر 0598433759 says:

كيف اشغل البيم والديمكس

Helder Sitoi says:

M. M

gjrp18 says:

how do you delete chase?

Lunchpail and The Professor says:

Is all that NOISE coming from the lights?

Mohan Premathilake says:

another grate video lesson , thank U for upload 🙂

Conor Cleare says:

I can’t seem to take the fade completely out

Marlon Fernandez says:

I learn a lot nice

Joan Forga Besalduch says:

I do not speak English, and it is the video where I have better understood the operation of the DMX table. Thank you

Morris says:

Nice video man i love THIS tutorials

Jack Bello says:

Nice video bro

Cigwatch says:

Excellent videos. You made complicated stuff easy to understand.

john oliver says:

where can I get a chase & sound to light program for a Starville LED Commander 16/2 pre loaded on a memory stick

Fil Bradbury says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Mr Richs says:

How did you find out the dmx addresses?

tushar wankhede says:

Can you please Make a video to show how we can control Sharpy or Moving Head on a Pilot 2000 controller and make some Chase on it

David Lawless says:


I’m wondering if u could help me.

I recently bought a swarm 5 FX and Obey 4 controller with a DMX cable. But I thought that once u set the light to d001 on the light that you can start using the RGBW/A manually.

But it doesn’t seem to work. It’s just a standard DMX cable I have but was told to get an XLR lighting cable instead. I didn’t think there was much of a difference.  

Is there something I am doing wrong with the set up. I would be very grateful if you could help me with some tips please. Thank you, Dave Lawless


I have problem: fade time is not working, what can I do??

Stephen Morton says:

OK. I see when you turn off each fixture to turn on the next for each scene the light stays on. My adj controller did this at first and now it turns of the fixture. Any idea why that is our how I get it back?
Thank you

Idham Arifin says:

Great tutorial !! thanks to this I can program my DMX controller easily

Lofoten Adventures says:

Were having a gymnastic show with 5 scenes. The time between the scenes are not fix, it can be longer or shorter. What is the best way to program a chase of 5 scenes and simple jump to the next scene when the gymnastics are at the right place? Thanks, best regards Ivar from Norway

MusicAdict70 says:

This is awesome well explained made it easy to learn basics.Thank you so much for these tutorials!!

Jon Bennett says:

You have a gift for videos. You don’t waste time with worthless information and you are simple enough for everyone to grasp!! It’s a joy watching your videos.

therealmaynard x says:

1-17-33-49-??-??-??-?? what is the next dmx address? reply asap

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