Tennessee – Pearl Harbor [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Wouter van Wijhe

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Enjoy the main theme from Pearl Harbor arranged by Wouter van Wijhe!

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Composer(s): Hans Zimmer

Arrangement © Wouter van Wijhe (2017)
Original Music © Buena Vista, Pictures Distribution (2001)


Ikmz Diablos says:

J adore

Josue Roberto says:

Can you do “Honor” from The Pacific miniseries please?

KaidaFly says:

i cried oceans when I watch this film I cry every time

car ramrod says:

Amazing rendition !

Nico Peje says:

BoJack Horseman Intro and Ending please 🙂

Baby_napstablook11 11 says:

Have you ever thought about doing a napstablook one

Chicken Permission To Speak says:

Can you please do songs from the SUPERFRUIT albums Future Friends (it’s on two parts) I’m dying to her it in piano form

Antti Räisänen says:

Roses are red
Violets are Violet

Adilka A.K says:


CodyTheDoggo says:


Amayraaa says:

Sounds like Time (from Inception movie, composed by Hanzs Zimmer

Henrik Hillemyr says:

Eye water from attack on titan please!!!

Kirigaya Kazuto says:

Does anyone thought of Time by Hans Zimmer at the beginning?

juan garcia carmona says:

Precioso!! Me hizo llorar , muy buen trabajo

Nohah says:

the sound was a little out of sync by like half a second but it still sounded amazing

Lil-Matchi, Piano and rap says:

Why are the notes different than the original he played on his channel ?

dragonglatiator111 says:

I love this kind of thing because I’m writing my own original music for piano and soon I’m going to make an orchestra piece and this is inspiring to me.

lil squidy says:

Me me big boy

Izagirre3000 Ari says:

Could you do the man Who sold the world?;)

Isabel Rodriguez says:

this song, remember my grandmother

Char_0124 says:

Can you get a tutorial from kiss him not me anime. I really like the op and and the Ed

earl - says:

It sounds like Interstellar from the beginning

Jvdk says:

Do slime rancher Theme!

Ev Elyn says:

Urgent! Could you please upload “this love is turning into a shoujo manga”? It’s from one of my fav anime called Monthly Girls Nozakikun, I hope you also like it. It would mean a lot. thank you for all you’ve done

Paulo César Granja says:

Fantastic arrangement!!!!

Anime Fan сlub says:

Отличная композиция, надеюсь ты не забросить свой канал. Буду ждать следующей выпуск!

Damian Rodriguez Cejas says:

Art for lobesno

Guillaume Scandella says:

Les français qui écoute aimez

Dark Nightmare says:

Omg this is just perfect

nothingspecialaboutmyname says:

Best version so far

Abra KÁDANIAL says:

god eater god and m,an pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

alexdash0080 JUDAI says:

Plz make Yu-Gi-Oh theme song, I love Ur videos, keep going!!!

federico kuo says:

Could you do an arragement for Ain’t no mountain high i’ve been searching for it but i can´t found any sheet/synthesia that i like

Bryce Maynor says:

Such a good soundtrack wasted on such a lazy movie

CarlosD says:


tminus543 says:

What a beautiful rendition of one of the most beautiful songs ever made. Thank you for this.

kawaiithemessiah says:

Love your videos keep it up man

Виолетта Шамина says:

Как красиво ❤

Skippy Hugo says:

Rubbish movie, but always admired this song

Max says:

Mr. Roger’s theme song has left a hole in my heart, because it doesn’t exist in this format ANYWHERE! Just a suggestion…

Jessonhill says:

Not even sure if you take suggestions but tell me that”Light Dance” wouldn’t be perfect for this channel

Wouter van Wijhe says:

Thank you all for listening and hopefully liking my arrangement! I’m honered to be the first video after the 1 million subscribers Mario archieved last week. Thanks to my transcriber Xilow you can already find the sheet music over here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/902v65lj2gxuzs3/Pearl_Harbor_-_Tennessee.pdf?dl=0

If you’d like to hear some more (piano) soundtracks and other covers I’m happy to welcome you all on my channel linked in the description 🙂

Hugo Flores says:

beautyfull song!

Corey Drake says:

Brilliant song

Can you be able to figure out a configuration for “courage” as well

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