Yoni Pearls Review Day 1

I finally convinced myself to do a detox and I will give you guys my honest opinion on how it worked for me.


Brittani johnson says:

I really like your makeup.

NatashaNicole says:

Have u heard of vagi steaming? It’s a very similar concept like those pearls, except you don’t insert anything…Emerald from thericelife has a very good video detailing how she did an at home detox with vagi steaming with great results.

marlenia mosley says:

I hope everything works out for you

Shay Renee says:

I get the concept- going straight to the source of the cleansing/having a healthy environment in the vagina but I never heard of this method. No I don’t have a problem in watching your outcome of this product. If it’s to return your system back to normal, then it’s worth the try. Keep me posted.

Ashley S says:

I’ve never heard of this product, but I’m looking forward to hearing about your outcome hoping it’s positive for you.

ayalajaya says:

Great video but I hated using tampons so I’m going to pass. Lol!

Debby Eutsay says:

how or what happened to yoni pearls!???

Shugar212 says:

I guess if you have never used a tampon then you wouldn’t know that when you push the applicator in, it comes together with the other end and you grab it and one is inside the other. Will be watching.

DeAngela Renee says:

Having a monthly period does this for us naturally, right?

Tee C says:

I’m scared to try this but know I need to

Adriane Williams says:

Uterine Wash & Oil – Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food

P Burton says:

Am in Jamaica…where would I get the yoni pearl to buy?

Adriane Williams says:

Dr. Sebi has something similar and he created his First but no one is trying it?

who's who who says:

I use baking soda or Epsom salt to detox. I mix with hot water and lemon. My whole system is detoxed. Including my front and back. Even leakage may occur from both ends days after. I try and do this every three months.

debra jones says:

if you can get a baby or a penis in your vagina I can guarantee you you can get them little tiny pearls in there

Eloise Green says:

Girl! I hope everything work out. Can’t wait to hear  back  from you on how it worked. TFS

P Burton says:

Where can u get those to buy?

Tricia M says:

I am so interested in how this cleanse turns out for you cause i have never heard of the yoni pearls.

Brown Beauty says:

How was your experience with the pearls?

Anita Franks says:

I have used this and I must say they work wonders however the stuff that comes out is gross

Vonda Motton says:

never heard of this method of cleansing, but where do you purchase the yoni pearls?

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