1: Introduction To Object Oriented PHP Programming | OOP PHP Tutorial | Learn OOP PHP

Introduction To Object Oriented PHP Programming | OOP PHP Tutorial | Learn OOP PHP. In this PHP tutorial you will start learning about object oriented PHP programming, which is the next level of PHP programming used by most professional web developers.


First of all, thank you for all the support you have given me!

I am really glad to have such an awesome community on my channel. It motivates me to continue creating and uploading content! So thank you!

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Basanta Kc says:


KLive EntertainmentHD says:

Thank you , can’t wait for the complete series. You are helping me not just building my future but my dreams too.

And please tell me one thing, is the old PHP series is completed or not?
love from India
(A Nielson Student)

Cymburyo Ox says:

I hear obtec oneted programming. lol.

mahad asif says:

You videos are awesome.. please teach us code Igniter!

Shiv kumar says:

nice !!

seshu kumar says:

can you please make complete series on php oop

Sudhakar sudha says:

should i learn first oops concept in php and then i can learn oops concept in wordpress

سناب جبرتي للتقنية says:

Can’t wait to watch the next episodes

eCompreneur zee says:

Hi mmtuts, thanks for your time in creating these videos. I have a question. Should I learn PHP or OOP? Or learn both?

Stefan Ilic says:

Hi, becauce of you i started learning php. I love your tutorials, it helped me so much!

Артем Волков says:


Віталій Козло says:

Thank you very much for this more profesional course!) Inspiration for you.

Best One says:

Idk why but it so hard to understand you ._. I have lang barrier but with another guys its not a problem

Albert Agelviz says:

You’re doing everything wrong, your connection is basically a setter, and you’re setting hardcoded the properties?, it doesn’t make any sense, User class should not depend upon a concrete class but abatraction, an interface.

Dbz Driod says:

Keep it up the good work mmtuts

Group of AS says:

Sir I have learnt OOP php but i’m so confuse How did I use the OOP php And Where. Can you guide me please give me some tip I am your old student from Pakistan. Send me an email Solaimanshah059@gmail.com

BUNTOEUN soun says:

thank you so much for video teaching

Timothy Veckranges says:

In South Africa, if you don’t know OOP, you can forget about getting a job as PHP developer. I wonder if that is the case elsewhere.

Ionut - Elian Tudor says:

Thanks a lot! Greetings from Romania! You’re a very very good teacher! You’re the best!

Rahul Das says:

Hi mmtuts I really learn lot from your tutorial can you make a seo tutorial..thanks.

sr 71 says:

Your tutorials are one among the best man. Right up there with thenewboston and derek banas. I am watching different series on same subject just to reinforce and test my understanding of the subject and i just love the depth in your videos. You go into a lot of details… just love it.
Thanks a lot!! Cant wait for this series to start!!!

Daniel P says:

Please stop saying the whole name, it was fine the first 5 times, but the rest its really unnecessary. OOP is enough :D. Sorry but because of that I can’t concentrate on the explanations of OOP. Nice introduction though.

Josip Matić says:

Great explained!

Jeb Bush says:

Please create a fully functional e commerce website with OOP or a MVC like Laravel 5.3, please

S4nc7ion :P says:

When is the next OOP video :P.

Dominus Providebit says:

So… A question, is it even worth for me to learn linear programming (procedural)? I have been busy learning That but everyone tells me it sucks so I kind of wonder If I have been wasting time.

Liberty Snake says:


Mohammad Akbar says:

absolutely agree with you, and every body has their own style of teaching but the perfect teacher is who think from a student’s experience perspective i think this is an art to architect any complicated topics for people to understand in an easiest way while taking a short amount of time. great explaination!

Richard Alscher says:

Really curious to see your MVC approach. After reading a boatload of OOP tutorials I am more confused than before. I did however find a site that opened my eyes quite a bit and gave me a different view on that topic. Sadly I’m still confused a lot. Seems like there are two quite common approaches to MVC and the one that seems to be the wrong one is the one that is tought everywhere.
If you want to have a read, I’ll link the website for you. https://r.je (yes, it’s that short)
I did understand quite a bit of what he is explaining, but apparently it’s not enough to get my own stuff working.

Josue Galang says:

Hi, thank you for your awesome tutorials, me and my friend watched your tutorials and we got the job as a web developer we are using wordpress. We learn a lot from your tutorials, Thank You So Much and God bless 🙂

Omid AR says:

Thank you for share this course 😉


Thanks for video, i am able to setup in my server which i leased from http://www.datasoft.ws

umair khalid says:

hello sir Daniel my request is if you make oop tutorial more so i will read it too.. cuz i need these lessons and also (mvc) like , php frameworks tutorials , some kind of codiigniter and laravel plzz sir …… you freind and also your student….

Peace doctor says:

what is the use of this shit videos? make a project on oop concept then everyone can understand, entire youtube is filled with this type of shit videos

Dbz Driod says:

codeigniter please:(

William Marshall says:

Looking forward to this once I finish procedural php!!

Marc Gaston-Johnston says:

object oriented php programming

zahid islam says:

I am sure you are a great teacher but not sure why last 7 min we had to stare at the html page. Should’ve been good to see who is talking 🙂

droid ans says:

Nice tutorial.carry on

Bucur Ion Niculae says:

Nice job man.

Jeb Bush says:

This looks like it is going to be an amazing tutorial, Please create a Social Network with the MVC pattern, your students will be very grateful. 😉

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