13: Various Conditional Statements in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

Various Conditional Statements in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. In this PHP tutorial you will learn about if, else, and elseif statements. These statements are used to set specific conditions which needs to be met before certain PHP script is executed, or to decide which of multiple PHP scripts needs to be executed.
These statements are also used frequently when writing PHP code which makes them important to learn.


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Eng/abdallah Rashid says:

شرح ممتاز جدا الى الان انا فاهم
you are perfect thank you

birdman says:

Thank you so much! You have a very good teaching style and it makes it fun to learn!

Andrien Jimenez says:

I was wondering how he made the text in his browser appear larger, can anyone perhaps tell me how he does it? also, whenever I access the folder with the stuff I made using localhost, it seems to direct me to the index and not the file itself! :'(

Vojtech Cizinsky says:

shoutout to all daniels

Rashmi Sharma says:

your video is too good, and also to the point!!!

Damian Wojcik says:

C’mon we get this, Daniel is the fuckin’ prettiest person ever born, can’t you use anything else as example, use your imagination dude

Jorge Hernandez says:

Hei, thanks for your tutorial..great work!!…. I was wondering whether MySql uses separatly from PHP..or are these two dependents?.. I mean whats the relationship between them? Thanks

Nick says:

Excellent lesson. Just an example – if we own a car dealer office and we want to show to our clients when we are currently opened or closed – in the body tags:

Luxury Car Dealer

Opening hours Monday through Friday from 09:00 – 21:00

Current status:
< ?php $time = date("H"); if ($time>9 && $time<21 ) {
echo "Opened";
} else {
echo "Closed";

Reflexez says:

I masturbate daily to your tutorials. Oh yeah, and I learn some code here & there too 😛

Steve O'Shaughnessy says:

Dude, you use the word actually 45 times in 4 minutes. Actually you did.

MoVine says:

im keep running like bolt

Jan C. says:

1:59 Haha you programmer humor is on point

Nabeel Javed says:

why r u after daniel? always lol..

asif 51353C says:

Bro you have created Great Tutorials. The Whole world is thankful to you for these nice tutorials. Thanks from Pakistan.

Aaron Carillo says:

are you from w3school? the guidelines are the same

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