14: Switch Statements in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

Switch Statements in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. In this PHP tutorial you will learn about the PHP switch statement. The switch statement works in a similar fashion as the if, else, elseif statements. In the switch statement we ask our code to execute specific code depending on the data we set inside the switch condition.


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Xiao Yang says:

Watched Javascript series first, but I’d say if I watched PHP sessions first, it’s easier to understand the Javascript sessions. But all of the sessions are still super awesome!!

Michael H. Armstrong says:

Are these used anywhere? I have never seen anyone use these. If so, when would you use this instead of an in statement?

Aaron Carillo says:

wow php is getting easier

MoVine says:

You are legend vote for Obama

Asit Kumar says:

Create a Small Game

< !DOCTYPE html>

Php Small Game For beginner

< ?php echo "Hello Welcome to Php Game." ?>

Enter a no Between 1 to 10

< ?php $get = $_GET['number']; switch ($get) { case '1': echo "You win This Game"; break; case '2': echo "You lost This Game"; break; case '3': echo "You hate Game"; break; case '4': echo "You love this Game"; break; case '5': echo "You have doubt about this Game"; break; case '6': echo "You are crazy for this Game"; break; case '7': echo "You lost Game"; break; case '8': echo "You are happy for Game"; break; case '9': echo "You don't want this Game"; break; case '10': echo "You win This Game"; break; default: echo "Try Again no match"; break; } ?>

Clockwerk Clockwerk says:

php is kinda like c++

piano0011 Lee says:

Thanks for the tutorial but I am still confused when to use switch and if statement… I have a piano website where the user can select more than 1 services. They can choose up to 3 services but I find it hard to use the if statement to add the fees but easier to do this with the switch statement….

Alessio Spampani says:

For codes clarity you should write the “break” immediately under the “echo” and not at the same indentation of the “case”. Apart of this, your tutorials are very professional. Thx for sharing your knowledge.

Eleasar Rebajado says:

thank god you have a great talent skills like that and you share it for those who want to be like you in the future

Muhammad Shoaib says:

Daniel, i can’t believe you have taught me php within a day, you are wonderful.

Via JS says:

your voice very sexy , thanks my teacher . u can do it for php language very esay,

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