17: What Is a While Loop in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

What Is a While Loop in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. In this PHP tutorial you will learn about while loops which are often used in PHP scripts. While loops are used to loop through multiple pieces of data one at a time. Loops can help with spitting out a lot of data using little code.


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Steve Jonk says:

my computer crashed (: hahaha

lich tran says:

The best tutorials by mmtuts … cannot say anything more … after I learned more than 600 video clips from various Youtube tutorials for Java, Java Script, python, Networking, Android, xhtml-css, MySQL

Splixz says:

Man you are the best web developement tutorial maker ive seen yet. I love watching your videos because you are explaining almost everything so well that even a dumbass like me is able to understand it. Thank you for making these great videos 🙂 Also can you tell me what color scheme you are using in submlime? My variables arent colored and i hate it! 😀

Aaron Carillo says:

mmtuts won’t reply on this for sure

ScrappyHaxor says:

Usefull :D, By any chance do you have a forum tutorial or able to make one? im currently working on my website and i have no idea how to build a forum

Willy Requillo says:

Hi, im a newbie her. What kind of PHP text encoder you are using. Can you give me link when can I download it.

sharifa bahar says:

Awesome explanation and videos . Thanks a lot

Ralph Baracena says:

Cool tutorials you deserve my sub


You truly are the best coding instructor I have ever encountered, hands down, and I attend codeschool, codeacademy and code college. That said, I have a kind and humble suggestion: PLEASE place your TUTS on Udemy.com so that those of us who desire CERTIFICATION testing and a certificate award for the completion of your courses can achieve this. Not to mention, you will be able to further monetize your efforts as you really do deserve additional rewards for your instruction skill sets and talent.

Marko Bečaj says:

I love the way you say “loop” 😀

Rajiv Manderson says:


rakshit Chauhan says:

dude my pc crashed because of infinite loop

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