2: Installing a local server for PHP | PHP tutorial | Learn PHP programming

Installing a local server – Learn backend programming. In this video we will learn how to install a local server on your computer.

Installing a local server is fast, easy, and doesn’t harm you computer in any way. To install a local server we will need to install a small software, and while there are many to choose from, I have chosen the one called XAMPP. XAMPP works on both PC, Mac, and Linux, and in order to avoid compatibility issues or errors with the server we are working on, I recommend that you use the same software we use in the tutorial.

Download XAMPP here: https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html

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Stroke Strike tv says:

dont forget that if you have changed the ports you will need to type the portnumber after(http://localhost:8080)

David Aitomun says:

i tried installing xampp but its saying api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-0.dllm is missing

your_diamond_source says:

apache not runing what can i do?

Mr_DerpySourXDD says:

Hey, when I try to start Apache it fails to run.
here is the full log:

8:47:42 PM [mysql] Attempting to start MySQL app…
8:47:43 PM [mysql] Status change detected: running
8:47:46 PM [Apache] Problem detected!
8:47:46 PM [Apache] Port 80 in use by “Unable to open process” with PID 4!
8:47:46 PM [Apache] Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
8:47:46 PM [Apache] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
8:47:46 PM [Apache] or reconfigure Apache and the Control Panel to listen on a different port
8:47:46 PM [Apache] Attempting to start Apache app…
8:47:46 PM [Apache] Status change detected: running
8:47:48 PM [Apache] Status change detected: stopped
8:47:48 PM [Apache] Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
8:47:48 PM [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
8:47:48 PM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
8:47:48 PM [Apache] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
8:47:48 PM [Apache] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
8:47:48 PM [Apache] If you need more help, copy and post this
8:47:48 PM [Apache] entire log window on the forums

Lehlohonolo Seokwe says:

you are the best man you make things easier

Kerrid Esor says:

Where is “htdocs” in the mac installation, I don’t see it.

prerna verma says:

Your videos are not clear please do it .

Adeel Khan says:

HiWhat editor you are using !!

sam says:

Your screen is very very very Big .. .

-[TV]-Black-Shooter says:

What PC are you using? 🙂

Flaeck says:

Det virkede ikke med localhost, men så fandt jeg ud af at min port var på “8080” og så søgte jeg bare på “localhost:8080” i stedet 😉

God video

Крекер says:

Thank you so much!!

lanke bhargav says:

it can’t showing localhost page in my lap

lardosian says:

Hi mmtuts, really like your way of teaching. I am going to try finish this series as I want to build a website dedicated to my favourite sports commentator. I will build a library of soundbites and want the user to be able to play random soundbites or search for a soundbite. I’m guessing the database should store the url for each soundbite. Is there a service which will host my audio, and any quick tips on building the audio player would be great, thank you.

Lok Hin Wong says:

My localhost doesn’t show up
How to fix it?

Aeazan Khan says:

can u help me out I downloaded xampp server and install it on my 32bit window 7. when I installed it and run it shows me an error api-win-crt missing

Gigastar says:

Apache doesn’t run

Cristiano Soder says:

Wonderful video!!! Thanks a lot from Brazil!

/ says:

wow setting this up is apparently so much easier and quicker than setting up the windows subsystem linux o:

monkofdark123 says:

seriously man your channel is a life saver! I should have come to php before God damn javascript

GhostWavves Evoluzion says:

quite sure its updated with a new version,do a video on that

Mario Becerra says:

I love your desktop wallpaper! where can I get it?

Adir Zoari says:

Hey there, I opened new folder and tried to enter with the localhost/name_folder and it always connects to the first folder I opened before.why?

jasonbischak says:

i got apache working, but the localhost/phpmyadmin isn’t loading.

The Gaming Potatoes says:

could i please get the xampp link becus i can only find those hacker sites 🙁

Boqor ina abdalla says:

can I use netbeans while you are using Sublime Text 3

Will Ernst says:

Hey great lesson, Thanks for making it. I spent money on other php courses, this video is best one I have seen for getting xampp started and navigating through localhost.

SilentRim says:

Hey, quick question, how would someone who runs a website online have Xampp + Apache/MySQL start up immediately? Do you have a tutorial for that or can you make one?

Jagdeshwar manipatruni says:

I could find only xampp for windows 32 bit, i need it for 64 bit. as I run windows 7 64 bit. I would appreciate any help on this. thank you

Charishma Byrisetty says:

sir some error is coming for me…

Kevin DeLaune says:

XAMPP no longer uses MySQL 🙁 . They use MariaDB. Will that hinder me from continuing on with your PHP tutorials?

FoxiZ CC says:

This is great bu do you need to have your pc on 24 7 if you want your website online 24 7?

Surface Nowy says:

PLEASE HELP (Unknown: Failed opening required ‘C:/xampp/htdocs/kjøpogsalg/index.php’ (include_path=’C:xamppphpPEAR’) in Unknown on line 0)

Islam Account 2 says:

when i run xampp-controller.exe it show Error
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Problem detected!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Port 80 in use by “Unable to open process” with PID 4!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
3:17:58 PM [Apache] or reconfigure Apache and the Control Panel to listen on a different port
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Problem detected!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Port 443 in use by “C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” with PID 3100!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
3:17:58 PM [Apache] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
3:17:58 PM [Apache] or reconfigure Apache and the Control Panel to listen on a different port
also i tried to run the File as Administrator and Search on Google for Fix , Nothing..

matthew boman says:

For Linux users: sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start. I kept getting SQL errors when using the GUI.

Sandor Clegane says:

You should really add the links to the description. Just to increase professionalism 😉

Darwin Romero says:

Hi Sir, I want to thank for this video. I find that it is really easy to follow your instructions unlike other youtube tutorials

MR Creepy says:

hey, thanks for all of your videos they will help me a lot 😀 and what kind of notepad are you using for php ?

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