23: How to include documents in PHP | PHP tutorial | Learn PHP programming

How to include documents in PHP – Learn PHP backend programming. Include is used in PHP to attach or insert other files in a file. This is especially helpful when we want to split apart sections of a website page to make it easier to make changes.

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Sason Braha says:

Great video! very useful

Dewald Kunz says:

include_once prevents a same named file to be called twice which can cause errors. let’s say you include “library.php” and include “start.php” but in “start.php” the “library.php” has already been included. then you called “library.php” twice which cause errors.

Romy Kim says:

I am the first one to say “Thank you”.

Mohammad Al-Abbasi says:

what would be the point of including php with functions in your html? I thought only javascript can interact with the DOM?

Priya Agrawal says:

i am getting error while calling function….even try to call using require

Adrian Dinca says:

Why using the < ?php ?> adds a margin-top and margin bottom ? Can I style it with css or something? How do I remove it ?

Labib Nasimul says:

Thanks dude I really appreciate ur vidoe I will go to be a great YouTuber one day please don’t stop making vidoe man i love them

ali rasoli says:


sathesh kumar says:

effective thank u so much

WebDeveloprz says:

This starts my journey into the land of php 🙂 WOOHOOO!!! I just used this to ‘include’ my navigation into my websites pages. Thanks Daniel

P Ausems says:

thnx man!! I’m actually learning basic php now!! great vid’s!!

Матеја Симић says:

Great video.

Labib Nasimul says:

Dude I love u videos man I love them so much

Labib Nasimul says:

U teach me so much about coding

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