27: Session and Cookies in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

Session and Cookies in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. Cookies and sessions are used when we want to collect or store data from users. An example could be if we want to make a login system or a shopping cart since these require user interaction. So if you are interested in having users on your website, then you need to learn this.


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ESU says:

This guy is on point. I’ve been trying to learn this stuff for a while now. Great job on explaining the semantics.

Radosław Gryczan says:

Your tutorials look very good; i have know some PHP and JS but i think when i watch all of your tutorials(about js/php) i would be so much better :p thanks!

sharifa bahar says:

Thank you Danial for such great series. Do we you what is the id of a user when we assign value for session ? If yes how do we know ?

Eos April says:

I’m stuck here, offfff…

Bhushan Ahire says:

Hey Daniel,go to this link https://youtu.be/lt1V_15h14c
This person is using your video on his channel.

Adrian Dinca says:

First of all, you have the best php tutorials on youtube! 😀

Secondly, I was wondering if it’s possible to share a session between two or more users. Here is what I mean.
Let’s say we have a $_SESSION[‘room’] (which stores a multidimensional array) is it possible to share a reference to this session between two users?

I tried something like generating a random name for the room and store it inside a variable called $room_id and than I started a session $_SESSION[$room_id] but of course it didn’t work :).

Thanks in advance!

Seif CockSucker says:

I´ve been watching your videos for a week and seems to be longer! great job!

Bill Baird says:

Daniel….great set of videos, thanks for taking the time to make them. Small point – the number after time() is seconds not mili-seconds

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