59: Functions Using Regular Expressions | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming

Functions Using Regular Expressions | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming. In this PHP tutorial we will learn about regular expressions which are used to create search patterns. We can use regexp to check, find, and replace characters in a string.


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DrHanna says:

thanks alot awesome as always 🙂 more about regexp please

F9oOol- 2030 says:

What’s about are_replace();

Surface Nowy says:

make more js tuts 🙂

Carlos Luis Herrera says:

Mannn you should get more recognized! This is gold

Рустем Саитов says:

Regular Expression for test URL address:


Ryan Stone says:

Is preg_match specific to php or does it work in javascript aswell? & What does the Preg stand for?

Bucur Ion Niculae says:

Big Like

George Temp says:

Hey, thanks for another great video! What is the difference between echo and print_r?

Badal Naftaada says:

Can you made a video how to make navigations in php please

KimKongKun1337 says:

God video. Igen.

Pak Home says:

amazing tutorial bro, can u please make a tutorial how to create pdf using php

Pascu Laurentiu says:

thanks. Please make more php basic tutorials. Are very useful and easy to understand !

Insecure ut says:


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