6: What Are Internal Functions in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

What Are Internal Functions in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. In this PHP tutorial you will learn about “built-in functions/internal functions” which are ways for us to “do something/change” certain elements on our website. An example of an internal function, could be searching for a specific word or sentence inside a paragraph of text.

The following link is a list of built-in functions you can use: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ref_string.asp


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Amber Raj says:

I am having trouble when I open this code. It works fine and reverses everything typed in as expected but I get the error:
Notice: Undefined index: text in C:xampphtdocsamberNewexp.php on line 9.
It goes away after first input. How to get rid of this error.

< ?php $val=$_GET['text']; echo strrev($val); ?>

Prajapati Hardik says:

Which software used for coding???

web pad says:

Do you have a course in Udemy? I will definitely buy your courses

Vincent McKeown says:

Thank you for putting these videos together. I found yours to be the most helpful in understanding PHP.

ROMANTIC SCENTS (Bath ♥ Body ♥ Soaps) says:

nice easy to follow !

aniket agarwal says:

what are the packages that you have installed for php in sublime text

Isep Castle says:

Thanks a lot. What text editor/php code editor are you using?

joshan Sahib says:

I just say love sir

Sam Razzy says:

how long do you take to upload new video? Just asking.. like r u updating weekly basis ?

Nijeesh Joshy says:

can you do tutorials for java-script or j query

Anand Sanmani says:

Which IDE you are using?

Evokt Evokt says:

Your tutorials are awesome… it’s the first time I hear someone making the distinction between built-in functions and user defined functions!

jackendy cherenfant says:

are you using Windows 10? your screen looks nice!

joshan Sahib says:

What A beauty of videos of Php

All Might says:

4:05 sorry two I cant count xD

Štěpán Fau says:

1:47 How did you drag the string inside the parentheses? Thanks 🙂

dylan spin says:

thank you

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