7: Different Data Types in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners

Different Data Types in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | PHP for Beginners. In this PHP tutorial you will learn about some of the different data types we have in PHP.

It is important to know the difference between data types since PHP can be fairly sensitive to it depending on what we want it to do. Later when we get into databases and how to set them up, we also need to know about data types ahead of time.


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Benya Jamiu says:

Nice lecture and with good motivation

Ajmal Khan says:

I understand

Dona Sandiford says:

Where is the rest of the video

Ryan Mahinay says:

why i cant download the list 🙁

Sam Razzy says:

Hi, Your tutorial is very nice.. Can i know how many chapter’s are left and do you think i can understand all the php stuff with your all videos for my php learning. Or can u suggest a name of the book where i can deeply study this ? thank u

Game Jam says:

“There is no difference between single and Double, the difference is…” XD

Patrick Holtzman says:

There is another difference with single and double quote strings. Double quote strings you can include variable names directly in the string. You can’t do that with the single quotes. for example:
$name = “Patrick”;
echo “My name is $name”;
//with double quotes the output will be My name is Patrick.
echo ‘My name is $name’;
//with single quotes the output will be My name is $name.

jasonbischak says:

Would it be possible to make a php video on setting up the contact form to send to your email?

ROMANTIC SCENTS (Bath Beauty Wellness & Soaps) says:

Another Great Video! I am going to watch a bunch of the PHP ones today! ♥

Phoebe Piezema-Estime says:

what type of code editor do you use?

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