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Get Started With Downloading Your Notepad!

4:02 How To Use the Simple Notepad
10:54 Downloading and using Notepad++
21:47 How to Download and use the Sublime Text Editor
27:47 Introduction to Emmett
44:45 Using Emmet in working mode
56:08 Matching with Emmet
1:00:59 Numbering with Emmet
1:09:22 Emmet in CSS

Begin Creating Your Website with HTML and CSS

1:13:32 Introduction To HTML and CSS
1:20:00 Tagging
1:28:18 Attributes
1:31:36 HTML syntax
1:38:32 Comments
1:40:55 White Spaces and Preformatted Tag
1:43:02 HTML Lists
1:50:17 Text Formatting
2:00:04 Description Tag
2:02:01 HTML Entities
2:06:04 Images
2:11:26 Tables
2:18:53 Table Attributes
2:25:58 Nesting Tables
2:28:40 Linking
2:36:44 Back And Sub Directory
2:45:01 Target Attributes And Bookmarking
2:54:28 IFrame
2:57:43 Introduction to CSS & Inline CSS
3:01:18 Inline CSS
3:05:45 Internal and External CSS
3:13:07 CSS Selectors
3:19:36 Anchor States
3:24:09 How To Use the Div and How it Works
3:28:38 Web Page Dimensions
3:35:38 CSS Box models
3:49:43 CSS Background
3:58:04 Float and Clear
4:06:24 CSS Text
4:14:51 CSS Fonts
4:22:29 CSS Tables
4:35:33 CSS Lists
4:44:15 CSS Navigations
4:51:08 HTML Forms
5:06:18 Applying CSS on Forms
5:18:43 A Beautiful Form
5:26:25 The Web Page Layout
5:40:17 The Complete Header
4:49:49 The Middle Area
6:09:19 The Complete Middle Area and Footer
6:12:21 Introduction to HTML5
6:16:02 HTML5 Basic Syntax
6:29:48 Completing The Semantic Layout
6:38:59 HTML5 New Elements
6:54:12 HTML5 Multimedia
7:08:53 Introduction to CSS3
7:13:06 CSS3 Borders and Gradient Background
7:25:02 CSS3 Shadow Effects
7:37:17 CSS3 Text
7:44:10 CSS3 Transformation
7:56:04 Adding Animation to the Project
8:07:45 HTML, CSS, HTML5 and CSS Section Summary & Final Website Project!

Learn How To Use Bootstrap, Bootstrap3, and Bootstrap4

8:15:45 Introduction To Bootstrap
8:22:17 How To Download Bootstrap and jQuery and their CDNs
8:35:46 How Bootstrap Works
8:41:04 The Grid system
8:54:41 Containers
8:58:19 Bootstrap Text Styles
9:10:40 Images
9:13:52 Tables
9:21:49 Bootstrap new Components
9:37:43 Glyphicons and Fontawesomes

Learn A Short Introduction to Node.js

9:51:03 Introduction to Node.JS
9:59:35 Installing Node.JS and How Node.JS Works
10:03:42 Downloading, Installing and configuring the IntelliJ IDEA and setting up
10:16:11 Node.js and JavaScript Elements
10:25:16 JavaScript Practices in Node.js

Learn How To Use PHP From Beginner To Advnaced

10:33:02 Introduction To PHP
10:37:00 PHP Basic Syntax
10:46:49 Integers and Strings
10:50:27 Embeding HTML and PHP Inside Eachother and the PHP Comments
10:58:59 All About Variables and Concatination

Start Using AJAX Techniques when building your website

11:12:42 Introduction to AJAX
11:14:57 How Ajax Works
11:26:24 Retrieving Data From PHP Page
11:36:25 Document Status and HTTP Status
11:39:54 Retrieving An Array

Learn A short Introduction to JavaScript

11:46:41 Introduction to the JavaScript
11:51:55 Creating a Sample File
11:56:43 Adding Comments
12:00:58 JavaScript External File

Finish This Free Preview with AngularJS

12:08:24 Intro To AngularJs
12:10:47 Downloading and Implementing Angularjs
12:16:26 Expressions
12:27:01 Directives
12:35:22 Different Directives

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Master object oriented php and MySQL with pdo.

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I am very new to making the website. Who would tell me if I have any doubts?
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