Learn PHP in 15 minutes

PHP is one of the most useful languages to know and is used everywhere you look online. In this tutorial, I start from the beginning and show you how to start writing PHP scripts.

The video covers the software you need to get started, data types, outputting data, variables, concatenating strings, operators, if statements, HTML forms, arrays and loops.

Check out my Learn HTML in 12 Minutes video for a quick introduction to HTML, which will be useful before trying to understand this tutorial:

Learn JavaScript in 12 Minutes http://youtu.be/Ukg_U3CnJWI

Set Up a Local Web Server
For Mac: http://www.mamp.info/en/index.html
For Windows: http://www.wampserver.com

Recommended Text Editors
For Mac: http://www.sublimetext.com
For Windows: http://notepad-plus-plus.org

VPS Provider
Digital Ocean: https://m.do.co/c/791d593997b2



rm. says:

ажно улыбнуло))). однозначно: лайк!

Misty's Thoughts says:

I’m a novice with PHP I doubt I’m going to learn this in 15 mins. lol

Shady Eita says:

how do you activate “localhost” ??

Arkadiusz Jarosz says:

8:15 Handling Forms

funny videos says:

hey jake your tutorial is good..

LJ B says:

Great video and very helpful

Dollybims Elisha says:

php in exactly 15:min

- Floppy - says:

These 15 minutes take like 40 minutes of pausing to follow but Id be kidding if I said it isn’t helpful. This video is just sublime

Illu07 says:

Does it even make sense to learn learn PHP nowadays, or is it better to learn JavaScript instead?

Sergio Sanchez says:

I think most get the idea that we learn php in 15 minutes to become experts but It would really be better to say learn php during 15 minutes, … Cause people who are lazy come here thinking they´ll learn a lot and others just come to see this shitty video and remember all those past years suffering with code! Honestly, any title that it called such as 15 minutes, 2 months, and so on, makes anyone puke!

computer study says:

nice video…
I have a simple and short PHP tutorial in my channel “computer study”

Tichomír Dunlop says:

LAMP is the final installation you should have mentioned… Linux Apache MySQL PHP.

Muhammad Rashad Muhammad Irshad says:

php ki full detail 15 minutes mein attain karna impossible hai

Nidhi Tiwari says:

This was really helpful  for me ,crisp and clear ! Thanks !

Tom Tor16 says:

nice video

Dillon Purvis says:

Baller tutorial man. I appreciate the pace and simplicity

The Pink Zebra Clothing says:

wow that was amazing and easy to understand. although i am still having a little problem figuring out the foreach command, guess I’ll keep studying some more. thanks for the information. 🙂

Puja Das says:

upload about sql in 15mins

Ikhouvan MANDJES says:

the operator or is excually written as || and the operator and as &&

Grey Fox says:

the tags alone makes me hate PHP so mich -,- I learned Perl with CGI but today is all PHP, it is frustrating!

Petrockspiracy says:

Wamp doesn’t launch or do anything so I got Xampp

Balwant Raje says:

Cool Jake…!

Bosnian Flower says:

Thank you!

Rob seals says:

love it thanks….now if you can hammer out javascript

Mr Sparklepants says:

PHP is like batch I love batch

Goblin-Braum Da Designer says:

Im so annoyed im doing the excact same its not freaking working

< ?php $name = $_POST["name"]; echo "Hello, " . $name; ?>

and it shows me only the

Harikrishnan t s says:

superb work! But i have something to be cleared at 1:51 you are using localhost:8888/phptutorial. where “Php tutorial” is for the folder name.but I’m not able to do the same using this. A message is displayed ” This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 8889 tutorial

I’m using windows as my “OS”.
so in my address bar how to access the page as it’s seen in your video.

John Murphy says:

Take it easy on your keyboard man haha. But great job, thanks for the vid.

Daan Van Vught says:

Jake knows how to do things wRight

Meg says:

Thanks so much! This was really straight to the point. I think it helps if someone has a little bit of basic idea of programming behind them (like minimum basics) but even not I don’t think this would be to difficult to get the basic idea. Great job!

Hyeonil Choi says:

I learn web programing. Thank you, streamming.

Moaz Jaffer says:

PHP or ASP.NET?? Which is more common and flexible? Do people still use ASP.NET?

Ster Chess says:

1.5 speed = learn in 10 minutes

James Wright says:

great video, I need to learn how to make an adjustable calendar for a hotel booking website does anyone have any tips

Maggie Wang says:

thank you this is the best intro video for the beginners

ريم RSAZ says:

really helpful, thank you man

Lokesh Bajracharya says:

Great video.. worth watching (y)

Yong Lee says:

Not bad but perhaps you can do better by using less but effective words (you talk way too fast).

Eddie Keller says:

can you transfer a php site to wordpress ? Skype

John Smith says:

All the people arguing the in the comments thinking they have php mastered after watching a few videos, care to share some of your code? I bet it sucks

desirprus skela says:

can someone explain to me what the point of using PHP over javscript is

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