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Learn PHP Video Course with free book on PHP programming.
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This series will take you through chapter by chapter the Learn PHP Beginner Guide book.

★☆★ Time Stamps ★☆★

Introduction 0:01
Downloading Komodo 0:18
How Much Money PHP Developers Make 0:59
Installing XAMPP 2:15
Setting up Komodo and PHP 3:19
Variables 7:25
Creating a Playlist 9:00
Value Types 10:51
Single Line Comments 12:00
Booleans 13:00
Arrays 13:55
Combining Variables 16:07
Basic Math 16:41
Modulus 18:55
Exponentiation 20:06
How to get Learn PHP for Free 20:41


Bobb'e Drake says:

Looks like I have a lot to learn

Lorena Sanchez says:

Good job sir!

Taylor Frakes says:

I thought the video was awesome!!!… but you’re a protoss… bummer. lol jk great video

Vipereal LePew says:

can i use xampp 1.7.3 version ?

Lokesh Sharma says:

Hello Sir,
“php is not debugging”
This error is prompting again and again plz tell the solution’

Natasha Maben says:

okay. I have a problem. I did everything you said and the debug output is blank. -.- what am I doing wrong?

T.D.Kishore Kumar says:

learn php – interesting program to learn very easy Php

DK Production says:

Man you should not have removed old PHP tutorials because they were good.

Dan Campbell says:

I’ll subscribe, in order to get a notification, when Jake does the Komodo course.

Fernando Huamancaja says:

For those unable to use ** try pow. I was unable to use **. Could be due to the version of PHP I’m using 5.3.5

maria xXx says:

okay so its hard but I’ll manage… but pleaseeee can you answer this comment because I’m really confused about this komodo thing… so do i have to buy it because 99$ is much and the others cost even more and yeahhhh… i really like your video and I totally want to try everything out and do it so i can learn but it would be really helpful if you answer this. thanks <3

YoreTiller says:

After I added the XAMPP in Komodo, I am getting this error: 

Failed to configure for local PHP debugging. See Komodo’s PHP debugging documentation for troubleshooting.

Full Stack says:

It’s interesting to see someone elses take on PHP.  Cool stuff.

PSYCHONeebs says:

Never Stop Learning…;

TheLoonu says:

I don’t have a debugger option in preferences ( have the free komodo edit), what do I do? I it necessary?

Jai D says:

verry good. I learned alot!!!

Free Resume Maker for Android says:

Quite Useful and it is simple

Manash Bharali says:

How 10**3 =1000 ? i don’t understand

Nigr Trash says:

I saw your comment on a TEDx post about your channel about a year ago, and decided to visit your channel. And I am amazed at what your channel has become. You have come really far, and I would love to see you upload a Java tutorial!

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