Object Oriented Programming (OOP) for Beginners in PHP

Learn the very basics of OOP as done in PHP. We will go over two classic OOP concepts: Encapsulation then Inheritance


Nar Hyper Game says:

Simple and very detailed tutorial! Thank you so much for making this amazing tutorial. 🙂

AnotherKentPaul says:

So, did I get it right: A constructor is a function that will run all the time I am creating a new object? I don’t have to call / run it by its name separately?!

Marius Lauritzen says:

Very well explained, Brad! Good to see someone able to show in detail how the data flows inside the class visually!

Jeroen Vip says:

Hi Brad,

Came across this video and I have to say, hands down. Thank you for this 40 minutes video about OOP PHP. Just what I needed.

Casey Crowe says:

This is outstanding! I’ve been struggling with grasping the switch from procedural to OOP, specifically PHP and this helped tremendously. Thanks for posting!!

Maki Abuan says:

Bad audio, every time you click that mouse, there is a weird sound “clicking”. I had to remove my headphone for that.

Fstarocka Burns says:

awesome vid – 15 yrs coding and im still procedural (quite advanced tho :p ).. fyi, plz alt/cmd – tab and f5 – 🙂

from here ill go into OOP. Fyi I think the classes make it more arranged – very nice!

Zharkan16 says:

great video, very in detail. 5/5 programmers

Mr. Anomaly says:

No need to make the variables public, just use “public var” or “protected var”

Eduard Stefanescu says:

very good video!

Oliver Tembo says:

when you were illustrating how the include works, you copied and pasted the

Milos Starcevic says:

where can i download it

Suleiman Boutzamat says:

Thank you very much. You taught me what i could never learn. I been watching a lot of videos about OOP but none of them ever made me understand it like this. Keep up the style

BARF Gameplay says:

Thanks a lot, finally an OOP tutorial i understand. Most of the tutorials i’ve tried out were too abstract and difficult to understand for me. I’m used to pretty linear functional programming, so OOP is quite a foreign concept to me. However, you used good examples that are actually usable in a real script instead of some foobar nonsense, so it made it way easier for me to understand.

Subhash Viswakarma says:


Clickadelic says:

Thanks, helped me a lot, calm and clean teaching style, enjoyed it a lot.

Graham O Hanlon says:

Thx Brad great tutorial.

Milos Starcevic says:

how is the name of this program
please put in description link thanks

Rashid Maqbool says:

veryyyyyy good video sir you have ability to teach

Kenneth Tomagan says:

Great video and explanation Sir, Thank you 🙂

Ludwig Arcache says:

If you did this you get that. All the time

ihab s says:

Please make another videos you are totally amazing god bless you…

15k studios says:

Fantastic OOP explanation, thank you!

shobana samyayyah says:

Superb …

Milos Starcevic says:

name of editor for php

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