PHP cURL Tutorial – Learn PHP Programming

Learn how to use php curl to initiate http requests in PHP. First we load a simple page in a browser and output it. We then load search results at using php cURL and match every image in the results and store it in array variable. We then loop through the array containing image urls and output the images in a browser using HTML IMG tag. This is a fun example so you can see what’s possible with a PHP cURL library.

Download source code here:


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prajwal shrestha says:

you’re a sick guy!

Thomas Chambers says:

That is w/o a doubt one of the most good curl videos out there .. showing how to make something useful… such a pain to have to type all the code from the screen.. is any of your code available on your site as a courtesy download?

Bori Dia says:

So other than his video…where does one learn about things like this? Books?

I’m trying to become a developer but everything out there is just basics. Should I bother paying for courses or are free resources enough to gain enough knowledge for a jr position?

Rao Shahbaz says:

Hello sir please make a tutorial on ‘how to get json array data through curl?’.

Ronald Aug says:

Before I watch this, I thought CURL is such a complicated one. Thanks,, this is very easy to understand.

Jesus Hilario Hernandez says:

You sir, are a freggen beast! Well explanation. Direct and to the point! All the best sir.

Mohamed Gaber says:

great video
but i want to know how can i use CURL to get data from another website’s database
if the two websites on different VPSs / hosts

Shaleen Baral says:

Create a tutorial on how to make a database abstraction class on top of either PDO or MySQLi !!

roig rodrigo says:

Thanks a lot !, that’s very clear and instructive

Amit Goel says:

One of the best videos.

Carlos Morales says:

Wow!! That was a good and straightforward video!! Thanks a lot!

404 :P says:

without user agent curl should not work on amazon.

for user agent we can use:
$agent = “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080311 Firefox/”;
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERAGENT, $agent);

Vader says:

subscribe <3

Vijay Sharma says:

Great video. It helped me a lot to learn php faster.

said nouri says:

Great video mate. Just discovering php, but videos like these make me want to learn much more 😉

BivertZ says:

I’m just getting directed to a CAPTCHA page of Amazon’s.. =/

Muhd Syamil Dzulkaftah says:

Hello, is there any CURLOPT used to ignore robot check?

Augustus Columbano says:

wow that’s really useful

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