PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – By Edwin Diaz (First 2 Hours)

Link to full course here
Link to exercise files here


Avi Gill says:

are u teaching php or html in this course like please put php content only we are looking for that thanks.

SyedMUmer Sajjad says:

i do not have enough money to enroll in this course :{ but let me tell you some ting your way to teach is incredible. I love the way you teach. Tell me how i can get the full course?

precstone kent says:

man! you rock!
nice one bro!
am pretty much grateful

Hire PHP Developers says:

Super cool tutorial, thanks for the sharing.

Khoubaib Kb says:

Edwin hope that the next video is close

mayuresh karekar says:

help me

Paul says:

also when i put a ! and press tab it does not work on brackets 🙁 help please

John Kevin says:

1 Hour in….

Recommendations says:

what with the # comment?

selvakumaran says:

how many days can i access this php course videos

seg kny says:

do you have video for css

Mohammad Khalid says:

you are awesome i watched your HTML & CSS3 tutorial in Udemy 😉

Dondry Muvhango says:

thank you…….this really helps

Gloire Irenge says:

thank you, it so helpfull!!

Paul says:

what is the best way to learn this php and remember what I have learned as I do not have a very good memory? thanks great tutorial.

Recommendations says:

at 1:39:37, how do you did the comment while you marked the code?

seg kny says:

thank u edward, i really enjoy this….. and am so impressed
may God reward u for this

Rakib H. says:

We need all exercise files, someone help us, please.

hang shang says:

i prefer to use sublime, is it okay?

mayuresh karekar says:

when I type local host in my browser it shows 11S7 internet information services

Tom Evans says:

When I heard the Rocky theme song playing at the beginning of the video I knew this was going to be good and you didn’t fail to deliver. This is the best video on php I have found on YouTube yet. I like the way you showed the practical use of php when creating dynamic pages rather than just teaching the theory of the code which most people are probably already somewhat familiar with if they have already learnt a similar language. The students are always wondering, “so how is this used?”, which is why we’re watching the video in the first place. Thumbs up and keep up the fantastic work. I’ll be looking into the paid version to finish learning the rest of this course.

Seidu Enejoh says:

Thanks Edwin really enjoying ur lecture but having difficulty matching notepad++ with xampp, so I have not been able to practice. what do I do?

Arthur Fisher says:

Could you give me a link to the software used in this video?

Mark Mahathey says:

That’s it now

Rajesh Sharma says:

Really Good to Learn. Thanks Friend

Tait says:

Do you have videos for JavaScript?

Emily Kosovik says:

All Xampp does is crash my computer and never starts.

CodeMaster TUTS says:

Not a good tutorial 🙂

Recommendations says:

when he explain about variable variables?
thank you

Recommendations says:

Thanks a lot!
Can you do please a video about OOP PHP?

Recommendations says:

you didn’t explain about functions

Sas Sas says:

you said the course is really cheap between (10 $ to 20 $) in your site if we follow the link !!!!
i clicked on the link, and the price it was also 200$?????
are you serious????

Jonata Oliveira says:

Really enjoyed your lecture, i ve hibeen looking for videos like this for ages, …….the only way to learn is practising, and that is what you teach us on your tutorial
5 stars!

MrPuddles says:

When I try to run my page, it says access forbidden

Joseph Joshua Anggita says:

in java/c++ you use like: String name = value;
int name = value;
bool(boolean if your using java) = true/false;
Float = 1.0f;
double = 1.2;

linuxmq says:

I enjoy your videos, however there are some painful to watch minutes when you are showing spelling mistakes of the pages displayed? “programming lanaguages” does not look very good for someone who wants to teach others.

Jordan Baron says:

I’m almost 13. Would I be able to learn this? I am at 45 minutes and so far I understand everything. I know HTML CSS and some JavaScript.

Ameer Hamza says:

please ans me..

All done says:

This is great. I used to be great at vb6. After watching this I will never learn any Microsoft programming products ever again. Xamp is cool too, php WordPress even better.

Ahmed Ayman says:

Thank you very much , still in intro and gave my sub and like 😀

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