PHP OOP – Understand Object Oriented Programming in PHP

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Learn and understand PHP Object Oriented Programming. OOP is the most popular software development paradigm that has been around for years.

The main focus of this course is to give you a solid understanding of OOP so that you can start using frameworks such as Laravel.

Laravel is currently the most popular web framework. It is very much loved by developers because it makes development process easy and enjoyable while letting you build extremely powerful server side web applications.

But even if you have a good grasp of core PHP, you will find learning a framework like laravel very difficult and time consuming. That is because they are built around MVC pattern.

Without very good understanding of OOP, you will be completely lost, trying to learn frameworks. This course is for that exact reason.

If you are completely new to OOP, I suggest you to complete this course and repeat a few more times so that you understand the concept behind OOP.

This course is not about building an application. This course is about understand the core concept of Object Oriented Programming. It is about understanding classes, properties, methods, static methods, magic methods, interface, inheritance, traits and so on…

Once you complete this short course, you will be comfortable learning MVC frameworks and start building powerful web applications with frameworks such as Laravel.
Who is the target audience?

PHP developers who wants to understand Object Oriented Programming

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Ovidiu Blaga says:

Hello, at about 11:48 when you create the getPrintableTitle() function , I instantiate it (You don’t use it) and when I change $harry_potter->available = 0, it does then show me Not available. But can you explain me why this happens because you only specified in this function that if (!$this->available) and not if it’s smaller than one or other condition, only if it’s different. Here is the full function: public function getPrintableTitle() {
$result = $this->title . ‘ by ‘ .$this->author;
if (!$this->available) {
$result .= ‘Not available’;

return $result;

Learn4Startup says:

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Mark Corrigan says:

Hi you make reference to a Laravel course at the end of this video. Where is it?

Senthu says:


rot rose says:

Thank you very much, your explanation is very clear, Please make more vidoes!

kashif naqvi says:

thank you sir great video i learnt alot…

rot rose says:

Best tutorials, Million thanks!

Isaac Quarshie says:

I learnt alot… Thanks

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