PHP Programming Language – Full Course

Learn the PHP programming language in this full course / tutorial. The course is designed for new programmers, and will introduce common programming topics using the PHP language.

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

⌨️ 1. (0:00) Introduction
⌨️ 2. (1:56) Windows Installation
⌨️ 3. (7:32) Choosing a Text Editor
⌨️ 4. (11:06) Hello World & Setup
⌨️ 5. (20:29) Writing HTML
⌨️ 6. (27:30) Variables
⌨️ 7. (38:09) Data Types
⌨️ 8. (44:27) Working With Strings
⌨️ 9. (54:50) Working With Numbers
⌨️ 10. (1:05:14) Getting User Input
⌨️ 11. (1:15:37) Building a Basic Calculator
⌨️ 12. (1:22:13) Building a Mad Libs Game
⌨️ 13. (1:28:59) URL Parameters
⌨️ 14. (1:35:52) POST vs GET
⌨️ 15. (1:41:44) Arrays
⌨️ 16. (1:50:26) Using Checkboxes
⌨️ 17. (1:57:22) Associative Arrays
⌨️ 18. (2:04:55) Functions
⌨️ 19. (2:12:10) Return Statements
⌨️ 20. (2:19:10) If Statements
⌨️ 21. (2:37:16) If Statements (con’t)
⌨️ 22. (2:47:13) Building a Better Calculator
⌨️ 23. (2:56:53) Switch Statements
⌨️ 24. (3:05:09) While Loops
⌨️ 25. (3:15:18) For Loops
⌨️ 26. (3:26:24) Comments
⌨️ 27. (3:31:08) Including HTML
⌨️ 28. (3:36:51) Include: PHP
⌨️ 29. (3:45:57) Classes & Objects
⌨️ 30. (3:56:23) Constructors
⌨️ 31. (4:06:18) Object Functions – PHP – Tutorial 31
⌨️ 32. (4:13:52) Getters & Setters
⌨️ 33. (4:29:17) Inheritance

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TechRealm says:

Update the description. The timing of chapters that come after 10th chapter needs to be updated.

Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Marino says:

Thanks for the video, it helped a lot! You can also use XAMPP to run php aplications, it´s very simple and easy to use 😉

asad tarki says:

which editor is this

Fernando Souza says:

Awesome.. thank you very much!

Iden Morisha says:

What happens when you echo $book1 3:54:17

vishal mishra says:

plz provide subtitles

Jason Doucette says:

2:54 you can also set it to float and it’ll take in float values and integers. Vs the step thing

James Padgett says:

Thank you Mike. A good visual breakdown of some of the PHP basics. If you are familiar with other languages it’s a comfortable 1.5x watch.

Hildo Quetz says:

Amazing, tks ! <3

Mahmood Fahim says:

Thank you Mr Mike.

Deepali Sharma says:

This vdio is enough to expertise in php?????? Pls reply

Muhsin Altıntop says:

Thank you for your efford man! It’s really great course! Could you please give me an answer? On the course “User Input” when I wrote same code as you if the varaibles are empty it gives a Notice like that:
“Notice: Undefined index: color in C:xampphtdocsphpderslerigame.php on line 17”
is there any way to close it?
Thank you very much again!

Nahin Akbar says:

First ever video of PHP in this channel 🙂

Jaun Wait says:

Hi Mike, whats happening to Giraffe Academy? Those tuts rocked! You still up for it?

Jetix The Killer says:

We have 2 haters here! I really like this tutorial and I think is great because all I could see on FCC was JavaScript but I wanted to learn PHP and I just discovered this video, Giraffe Academy and I will learn and work harder on code from now! BTW, I watched about an hour I learned a lot of things! <3

kishan kakadiya says:

Hello sir,
What is cookie and session, why to use cookies and session, what is advantage of use cookies and session, which situation use cookie and which situation use session, please tell sir….

Shrangi Soni says:

Thanks so we need advanced php tutorials connectivity with sql and all things that we use in backend web development

Ryan Nordquist says:

4:04:55 Nope, it’s not just the two lines you show on your screen that are creating the Book objects with the parameters you have specified; it is the three lines in your constructor PLUS the two lines shown on your screen that are working to create the Book objects with the specified parameters/arguments. Without those three lines in your constructor, the program would not function as intended because without those three lines in your constructor, the program would not understand what the stuff passed as arguments to the constructor mean. So really, this way we’re taking eight lines of code down to five.

aiden carvalho says:

That was amazing! Thank you Mike.

Priyanka Bhalla says:

Thanks a lot its really helpful

suvathi 018 says:

Thanks for sharing wonderful and clear-cut information, helped me to gain more knowledge.

pooja vyas says:

You are doing an Awesome Job …….. Keep doing what you are doing sir !!
Thank you very much for this great course 🙂

Rick Hema says:

Awesome, thank you.

rommel antonino says:

Make a course using php and mysql or postgresql

Mohammed Khan says:

can you please activate english automatic subtitles for this video 🙂

Gilbert Cheng says:

Thank you for the courses. I watched your Python course in one shot at 2x speed. I’d watched this course earlier but left it halfway, only to come back and realize that I could simply transpose most of the syntax since your course structure was the same.

Atharv Ingavale says:

In strlen() it it counts space or not?

Abhishek Kumar says:

Thank u for this awesome video

Thanom Ruangthai says:

Thank you so much, good lesson but we need more on next level.

Thomas J. says:

Great work! Thank you!

OPOP says:


Basically Nutshell says:

There is XAMPP is easy to use

Samuel Natán Huerta Ruiz says:

Great video!!, thanks a lot

Links Loki says:

Which version of php is he teaching? 7.11 ?
I know he downloaded this one, but he didn’t say which one he was explaining.

vv says:

Thank goodness someone did this. Loving this channel.

Black Clover says:

Really FCC? You made a 4.5 hour video on Php and not javascript or Angular?

Get Beau back!!!

Jason Lackey says:

Outstanding tutorial. Just the right pace and I learned a lot. I’ll be coming back to this video often as a reference and especially since you so kindly indexed it for us. Many thanks!!!

taariqq says:

That ‘content’ … really helpful. Nice overview. PHP movie 🙂
Needs “error handling” and this would be perfect.

Sri Sre says:

Learn PHP with examples.
#sourcecode #php #javascript #jquery #css #html #mysql

wiki askblog says:

I have been studying PHP now for the past 9 months but still skeptical maybe i should jump to PHP frameworks like laravel,CodeIgniter, CakePHP or i should continue with learning without the framework?
I have been studying PHP now for the past 9 months but still skeptical maybe i should jump to PHP frameworks like laravel,CodeIgniter, CakePHP or i should continue with learning without the framework?

PraMin Joshi says:

i am having problem in that path step. first of all there is no ‘Path’ option in that user variable section. I cliked on new gave variable name to ‘Path’ and variable value to ‘C:php;’ but there is no result in CMD. simply i cannot install php as directed in the video. help me out

BoBee94 says:

Wow thank you!

Zohaib Tariq says:

Thanks for sharing…Need to add challenges PHP on freecodecamp.

Basically Nutshell says:

Min 27 in tymestamp isnt correct should be 27:00 instead of 27

Max Drljić says:

Finished the tutorial after a week, very useful content 🙂

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