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In this video tutorial I’ll teach pretty much the whole PHP programming language in one video. I have received this tutorial request many times lately so I hope you enjoy it. The cheat sheet can be found below the video.

I cover quotes, comments, date(), variables, data types, getting data from HTML, heredoc, constants, arithmetic, shortcuts, reference operators, comparison operators, if, elseif, else, echo, printf, ternary operator, switch, while, for, foreach, arrays, strings, and much more.



Can somebody please explain to me how you can use these simple commands to build a site like Facebook? Facebook was coded in PHP, how?

quentin battles says:

this tutorial doesn’t make since for a person who knows nothing about php. because u didn’t show how to link the php file to the html. file you can’t just assume that people already know how to do it.

Kashif M. Aslam says:

thanks for cheat sheet

Itai Steiner says:

Very good tutorial, thank you.

Kunal Wankar says:

Not for beginners…

zombiezombie1977 says:

Where is the part of the code that sends the input info to the database?

Brent B says:

Your videos are great and very informative. Thank you!

Bad Meme says:

I like the way you explain it,straight to the point and you are never stuttering.You should make tutorials for some frameworks like codeigniter and laravel,because im struggling a bit on other websites and its not explained very good.Thank you 🙂

louis tournas says:

Are you a programmer? Do you use PHP in your work?

Temirkhan Amanbaev says:

You are Best man!!!

2LegHumanist says:

Is there some prerequisite I am missing? i thought you needed a web server, like apache or something to process the server side code.

My attempt:

< ?php $var = "

This came from php“;


This code shouldn’t output anything to the page because I haven’t called echo, I’m merely placing some text into a variable. But when i run this in chrome it ignores the php tags and outputs the text “This came from php” on one line and “;?>” on another.

SavageplayZ says:

Very similar to javascript !

Maggie Wang says:

thank you ! it was very useful

Pheecato Animation says:

The book you are reffering to in description is about 10 years old. Now as we have PHP 7 do you think it’s still a good idea to get it?

Dilip Kanojiya says:

Sir i have question how to save php project in pen drive because i wanna show this project in my interview

liton Djff says:

Grateful to you. You have such a talent to teach Sir 🙂

amazing goo says:


Taif Rahman says:

You fake ! you can’t learn it within 30 minutes

X Coder says:

Good vid. And have u uploaded the video on Regular expression in php ?if u have then please share the link.

Sarfaraz Ghulam says:

You are the goto guy when I need to learn anything quickly.

Andrew H says:

15:19 “more than 30 bananas” said Derek Banas but it is wrong because first condition is about (30) oranges. But it’s not a big issue of course…

loki prince says:

i learnt html n php in 2 hrs… lol

Amit Shimon says:

and we meet again:)

Johnny P says:

Hmm… great lecturer, not a good teacher. And, I am now SICK of the word ‘string’! String string strstr string strlen “string” (“string”) go away string! … it’s ok, I’m fine.

mira mikic says:

< !DOCTYPE html>

Page Title

Ime i prezime:

Godina rođenja:

< ?php $imeprezime = $_POST['imeprezime']; $godina = $_POST['godina']; $trenutnaGodina = date("Y"); $razlika = $trenutnaGodina - $godina; //ako je polje godina prazno if($razlika = $trenutnaGodina) { $razlika = 0; } if(strlen($imeprezime) < 2) { echo 'Ime mora biti dulje od 2 znaka'; //da mozemo u AJAX-u ( jquery) dobiti error http_response_code(404); } else { $provjeraImena = true; } if($razlika < 18) { echo 'Niste punoljetni'; //da mozemo u AJAX-u ( jquery) dobiti error http_response_code(404); } else { $provjeraGodine = true; } //ide u success jer su zadovoljena oba uvjeta if( $provjeraGodine && $provjeraImena) { echo 'Dobro došli'; } ?>

Brandon Vargas says:

im following step by step and when i hit submit in the very first of your instructions, instead of displaying “Process complete” on a different page, it will present the actual php script. why is this an issue? PLEASE HELP!

Garth Baker says:

great job very precise and to the point. makes it easy to focus and zone in on your php lesson. which helps so i dont get tired or bored. great job. !!! 😀

Serge says:

Why is the php insivible?

TRNimen says:

Mr. Derek — thank you for covering the topic and demystifying PHP.

jacob espiritu says:

hello sir ? what application are you using ?

Hunx3 says:

is a nice video for people like me who hates this languaje

Jack Aylward says:

why do you need a web server for php, why dint you state that in the video

Kacper Opyrchał says:

kurwa chamie

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