PHP Regular Expressions Tutorial

In this video tutorial we learn the basics of PHP regular expressions. However, knowing even these regex basics will let you match most of online content. Make sure to watch next video, which will be a practical example of using regular expressions to parse out movie information from web site.

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"How do I sell my house fast?" Home Buyers • HitHome Solutions LLC • We Buy Houses Des Moines Iowa says:

Informative. Really like your tutorials.

blue bird says:

vertical bar

TOA Hamidi says:

thanks for the video bro
||||| this character is PIPE LINE but in regex is OR

JCL Trading Company says:

Awesome tutorial ..

Nathan Scherneck says:

Pipe character

Naila Kanwal says:

Really useful. Thank you.

Oren Rot says:

Where is the next video ?

Patrick Gassenbauer says:

Great video, thank you!! Since I am not a programmer but have used RegEx in Ms Word: what common programs support RegEx?

Bikos133 says:

Hello! The description links appear to be broken! Can you check em? Thanks! Great Tutorial and pretty website!

Sergii Pud says:

Thank you for this great video!
Helped a lot with understanding.

Medoo says:

Guys, how to match for Non English Unicode characters ?

Ndalama Cassius Maluleke says:

This deserves more likes and more views.
Reg Expressions can be a pain to beginners and stack overflow cant explain like you do.
Awesome man.

Clean and understandable thanks for the effort. I loved it.


awesome tutorial in no time I had the basics of regex thanks Clever Techie

Michael Taylor says:

Thanks for the cheat sheet!

Nazmi Mohamad says:

Thanks for the cheat sheet. & the video of course.

Alex says:

Nice cheat sheet background image, is it a mirror of your room with your cat? 🙂

kok hong hean says:

very useful. Thank you.

Oren Rot says:

well explained !!!

ahtesh maxx says:

how did you learn php & web development

Bikos133 says:

Test String:

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
0123456789 _+-.,!@#$%^&*();/|<>“‘
Hello World!
12345 -98.7 3.131 .6180 9,000 +42
555.123.4567 +1-(800)-555-2468

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