PHP Tutorial 1 – Introduction (PHP For Beginners)

In this tutorial we go over a short presentation on what PHP is, what is required to learn it and what we will be covering further down the line. This video will hopefully introduce you to the PHP scripting language and get you interested in learning more.

For more information, check out the website:

PHP Tutorial 1 Introduction


Tapsi Hapsi says:


Bhargav Vandavasi says:

thank u @teachmecomputer .i have just started can i know how many hours did it take


crate my own mvc?how the easyiest way and shorter time

Naveen Hettiwaththa says:


Hakim Lucas says:


Hakim Lucas says:


John Mensa says:

very nice

Axiem Axhar says:

good job mate. my only comment is that your voice should be louder and clearer. the rest is awesome. and thank you.

John Mensa says:

very nice

Luke Hope says:

very nice

Kenneth Cruz says:

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Ashok Kumar says:

good one…..good job very helpful and informative about Basic idea.

John Boye says:


abdiqaadir jaama says:

thanks man i now more and java programming ..but php is more intersting i like indeed

Onima Samira says:

great vedio i like this

Hakim Lucas says:

very nice tutorial

MrJonathanRB says:

This guy is the one, Thank you for teaching me PHP I just finished my first huge programing project.

chetan prajapat says:

i install xampp and but when go to the local host window isopen is different from this tutorial.

Legacy Bailey says:

perfect video

rockwillor says:

You sound scouse lad, you a wool?

Ajit Jadhav says:

Al-mujahedeen Salahadeen says:

Thanks man! I’m a C#, VB.NET and JAVA programmer but somehow I think this language is scary but would be fun to learn.

What do you recommend simple webhost for free beginner php programmer out there?

Sam Jakson says:

Thank you for such a detailed tutorial. If you do some streaming on let me know, i would like to follow you there. Cheers

ajit barman says:

Good for beginners.

astroboy979 says:

Hes a little wannabe teen

John Boye says:


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