PHP Tutorial 1 – What is PHP?

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PHP stands for PHP Hypertext processor. You can find the manual here:

PHP is known as a Server Side Scripting Language. This means all of the source code stays on a server and is unavailable to people who do not have access to the server. The only thing clients can get access to is the end result of the program.
PHP can be used to develop many systems including user systems and login systems, form validation, database management systems, Content management systems, project management systems, and more! PHP is a great programming language for beginners. In this series, we will be diving into all of the concepts you need to know to start developing with PHP.

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Kobe says:

I fished learning html and now im learning css i was so scared to learn back end programming until watchtijg this video, you make it easy to grasp

Khinh Phu says:

haha use a white board man !

Trent Hall says:

Mate, that was so concise and easy to follow. This is the first video of yours that I have watched and I am diving in big time to the rest of your stuff.

Moeed555 says:

Have you considered buying a bigger chalkboard ?

Purvaja c says:

this is great! I have no tech background and looking to learn basic concepts, the pace for learning here is perfect for me.

Nef T says:

Your the fuckin man.

johnnyohness says:

Calab. I just discovered your channel. Some of us didn’t grow up with the internet or computers. As far as games, Pacman was the biggest thing going…and the average person didn’t own a computer. Somehow the years have gone by, and we find ourselves as dumb as a cob when it comes to the most simple things beyond web surfing. Some of us don’t even have Iphons or tablets because we find them so intimidating as far as understanding their abilities and functions. Seems so many times when we seek the help and information from others they spew out abbreviations, in web language that sends us in orbit. We break the illiterate scale when it comes to the understanding of these terms and their function. We feel we’ve been living in our own dark age because we found these (even basic) functions so intimidating. This is the first video of yours I have ever watched, and I discovered your RARE talent for breaking things down, so the most unfamiliar of us can understand. Too many people don’t realize the importance of that when trying to teach others. They assume waaaaay too much leaving the viewer (student) in a head spin. You Sir have given people like me real hope in beginning to better understand these things that seem so foreign, and complicated. That my friend is a tremendous gift, in making you a GREAT instructor. I will be visiting your channel many many times, and repeating the views over and over again until it finally sinks in. You are much more than a breath of fresh air, you are pure oxygen to those of us who desperately want to understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…you have just met one of your biggest fans. God Bless You.

Chris Sparks says:

You should be a teacher lol

Barney Laurance says:

Remember never to put user’s passwords directly in a database – you don’t want to have access to that yourself, and if someone hacks in to your database you don’t want them to access it either. In PHP you can run the password through the password_hash function, and put the output of that in the database instead. That’s much safer because stores something that looks random in the database, and now you can’t tell what the password is if you don’t have it, all you can do is check whether a password that someone supplies when they want to log in matches or not.

mrblob20 says:

PHP sucks… why would you teach this shit.

Aldi Palucio says:

Excellent tutorial thank you so much

Rajasekhar Kanharock says:

Hi Caleb i have a small doubt how to create a email provider site and how taken email provider in hosting server can you tell m

Suresh Triapthi says:

Thanks for providing this informative is very useful. You may also refer-

ramanujana 1729 says:

php is a sripting language and not a programming language!

Benlamlih IT says:

how did you make this screen

annie says:

Caleb, I need a programmer. Send me a message

Scott Wisniewski says:

Can I use PHP to send form data to my email address?

castillelarkin says:

Thanks man! That was a really helpful overview.

ALEXANDERthenotsoGREAT says:

Thank you for your chalkboard tutorial. You make things easy for beginners.

Satyam Raj says:

You write like you’re not a natural lefty. Weird.

Brandon Laufer says:

Thank you for this video!

net cash says:

Caleb thanks am gonna pass my job interview coz I exactly now understand php thanks a billion

John Bates says:

This is a great starting point for learning about PHP thank you!

Khinh Phu says:

his left handed 🙂

Jose Tuba says:

thanks for sharing that.
what tutorials would you advise me to watch since I have no background in programming.

Mandeep Singh says:

Give me u r Whatsapp no. Guys

Muhammad Daniyal Javaid Qureshi says:

can anguar and php me merged as a single web app?

GOW group says:

thank you men from 2018 🙂

teetosh says:

I came here because I couldn’t access the backside of my site. This message came up:

Warning: assert(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s
timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting
or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of
those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely
misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone ‘UTC’ for
now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone. in /home/bobs/public_html/administrator/index.php on line 3

Warning: assert(): Assertion failed in /home/bobs/public_html/administrator/index.php on line 3

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Failed
to start the session because headers have already been sent by
“/home/bobs/public_html/administrator/index.php” at line 3.

yousuf shirzay says:

you have done a great job. thanks for making job so easy for me.

Eddie Keller says:

can you convert php site to wordpress ?

Shekhar Saini says:

Will you not post videos after 59th?

Kostas Stigas says:

Congratulations keep the good work. You have a charisma in teaching and explaining things.Thank you Caleb.

Claire says:

Nice vid, you explanations are great! though I ‘m at work and listening to the chalk through headphones is a bit hard on my ears… could I suggest a whiteboard? 🙂

h zt says:

thank youuuu

Nicholas O'Brien says:

fast forward to 0:40 for start of vid

rangesh venkatesan says:

thanks caleb .. u r awesome mate !! pls keep up the good work

Huong Pham19 says:

Great series on PHP! Thank you!

Chandan singh says:

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Ramesh K says:

Nice video.
Thanks for providing this is very may also refer-

Afia Mufti says:

i love your videos caleb! how do you record your videos? i meant the hardware

Leibniz920 says:

Great video

Danny Yu says:

try to learn to use a tablet

Garcia81992 says:

subscribed cuz murica

Jop Badal says:

2018 and I’m still watching this. Thanks!

Reajul Islam says:

Sorry I don’t Undrastand

kevmanbob says:

really great instruction video! love your casual style and you obviously know your stuff. Thanks Caleb Curry!

ANGRE Boy says:

great man

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