PHP Tutorial 4 – Hello World (PHP For Beginners)

In this video we will begin looking at the PHP Syntax and how the server interprets the code. We write our first script that will output the text “Hello World” to the web browser using echo.

For more information, check out the website:

PHP Tutorial 4 Hello World


Anand simha says:

will it work without local server???

DriverUpdate says:

Much better to use Wamp


i tried using the echo statement without the semicolon at the end and it works !
why so ?

NewGen Art says:

Hi thanks for the tutorial man
I want to ask you can i use Dreamweaver or it his nothing to do with PHP

MisterSheep says:

i love programming

n03l says:

Haha sorry no offense but he sounds like he’s gargling his own spit while he’s talking.

YelloGamers says:

I’ve struggled for months trying to get xampp and php to work, not even my “advanced higher” computing teachers managed to do what you have just done for me in an our of watching you tutorials, thank you very much for keeping things simple

Dany Smith says:

How do I link my php file to my html file?

Racksay says:

Very good tutorial, Thanks alot

ScreenPrintR says:

Thank you for your Tutorial on PHP. Unfortunately for me, I have to run this online somewhere. Work does not allow me to load XAMPP. Do you know of a good Online IDE or Editor to practice on? Your Help Appreciated.

Tim Byers says:

Excellent video.  Simple and straightforward, and a bite-sized chunk.  Exactly what I was looking for.

frankzeppelin says:

Hi guys, I thought I’d check in here after a few years. It looks like Chris hasn’t posted anything in a while, but if you’re reading this, thanks for the tutorials. I think this was the first PHP tutorial I found online and it helped getting me started with the install and first steps. For everyone else, if you’re new to programming/PHP, I wanted to add a couple helpful hints.

– echo (and print) just send text to the browser – that’s it. From the browser’s point of view it’s like reading a regular HTML file. It’s basically the same as opening a file “test.html” with the text “Hello world
This text is bold“. Check the source code (Ctrl + U) to see the output for yourself.

– From some of the questions/comments below it looks like there’s some confusion about HTML tags. You don’t need to read a dozen books on HTML or memorize every obscure specialized tag out there, but you’ll do yourself a huge favor to get comfortable with HTML first. Of all languages PHP is probably the most web-oriented, so you’ll probably be using a lot of HTML. Would have saved myself a lot of frustration that way. 🙂

No haters here, just my two cents.

saurav keshri says:

is it correct to write like echo ” hello world
this text is bold
” ;

jayesh Kothari says:

in my computer i am not able to start MySQL. Please Help me

Some one says:

thx 🙂

Mihai Neagu says:

0:57 a better moment

Sean N says:

Brilliant tutorials, very helpful and well explained, cant wait for to learn more. thanx alot mate

akj says:

Dude html tags are not working inside php

noxin86 says:

I have a problem i made a new directorie called website instead of tutorials in the directory you told us to do it when i try to load pages from this site it either says directorie not found or it will load the XAMPP welcome page???
up till this point i have followed you step by step, so what is wrong?

erke inne says:

Please check if this file is opened in another program, it says when i try to save it

Clayton vd Steen says:

Can anyone please help me? I recreated the file from the vid exactly, but when i try to run it in Chrome it literally displays:
< ?php echo "Hello World"; ?>

Why is this?

Mihai Neagu says:

whom do you enter in notepad++ at 1:00?

Munzur - E - Murshid says:

Thanks for your initiative.

ramesh345 Reddy says:

iam beginner with php , i don’t know what is the use of
,,and can you tell me please.

Siraj Ahmed says:

Does this run on Sublime Text 3

Terrence Barnes says:

The version of XAMPP I just installed is obviously latest – control panel V3.2.2 – couldn’t find the security stuff ??
I assume also after messing with this, I shut down xampp and must start it again to be able to do stuff.

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