PHP Tutorial Introduction – Learn PHP Programming

PHP Tutorial introduces you to a lot of basic PHP syntax and many programming concepts. Learn PHP easily by following examples in the video.

Learn PHP Programming from this introduction to PHP tutorial in which we cover Variables, Constants, Data Types, Concatenate, Operators, Numeric Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multi Dimensional Arrays, Functions, Loops, Conditional Statements, Classes and Objects. This is one of the best PHP online courses for beginners as well as a great review for advanced PHP programmers. You will learn the most about PHP from this introduction video PHP tutorial which will give you a great foundation for learning more advanced concepts in the future. Basic programming lingo like expressions, statements and language constructs are also covered so that you learn how to “speak programming” from the beginning.

Cheat sheets, study guides, NetBeans themes, Vocabulary used in this video, download here:

Source code:


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Jose Pacheco says:

This is great!! subscribed! btw what text editor are you using?

Enis Gusinac says:

The very Best tutorial of PHP on the internet. Soo precise and explained 😉 Good job !

Marvin Zapanta says:

Its a nice tutorial I have ever watched 😀 keep it up 🙂

Bilal AHmaD says:

Love You Bro Your Tut us Perfect and Nice Easy tell You Php Tooo All World

Alireza Shadman says:

video is awesome. whats the book name from where you show things?

Fanimokun Busayo says:

please what php version are you using

Petr Ptáček says:

Great. You must to continue!

magicalbhakuni says:

very helpful video.

Hire PHP Developers says:

Very informative tutorial. I’ll be back later for some great stuff.

Andrea Luciani says:

hi Clever Techie, thanks very much, this PHP Tutorial rocks!
Can you please explain how to obtain that output window shown in your video?
Are you using the Web Browser inside NetBeans?

misa says:

Hello, you have to do some tutorials that the Indians do not have money to eat ))))

Anette Bianca says:

one of the best tutorials I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a load of them – awesome work! So sick of learning new languages and you’ve made it painless 😉

Durikke2 says:

Thanks for making these videos they’re great!

prince mouli says:

awesome tutorial …
Thank you very much……..

ahtesh maxx says:

thank u soo much bro…. this is best PHP Tutorial

Cigar Fox says:

Great video. Keep up the good work!

Kumar Animesh says:

Great tutorial and excellent choice of games in the examples 😉 Could you also share the code that you wrote while explaining, if it’s not too much trouble?

Mind Of Programmer says:

Finally i found the right one tutorial!!

HABELFOC _ says:

Thanks man!

Zero Gravity says:

This code for upload image to server is not working pls help i copied that from your website



$file = $_FILES[‘file’];

$fileName = $_FILES[‘file’][‘name’];
$fileTmpName = $_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’];
$fileSize = $_FILES[‘file’][‘size’];
$fileError = $_FILES[‘file’][‘error’];
$fileType = $_FILES[‘file’][‘type’];

$fileExt = explode(‘.’,$fileName);
$fileActualExt = strtolower(end($fileExt));

$allowed = array(‘jpg’,’jpeg’,’png’,’pdf’);


if($fileError === 0)

if($fileSize < 10000000) { $fileNameNew = uniqid('',true).".".$fileActualExt; $fileDestination = 'uploads/'.$fileNameNew; move_uploaded_file($fileTmpName,$fileDestination); header("Location:test99.php"?uploadsuccess); } else{ echo "Your File Is To Big"; } } else{ echo "There Was An Error While Uploading the files } } else{ echo "You Cannot Upload Files Of This Type"; } }

Edward Gil says:

get a tissue buddy

Rodrigo David says:

Your study material its so nice!
Did a good job!

IsThisReal says:

That ‘rpg’ was right in front of your eyes, how couldn’t you see it. I saw it the first time you run the code. Below 10. 36:20

Md Masud says:

Thanks for your helpful tutorial.

Yash Jain says:

Best online tutorial ever bro ✌

J. de Graaff says:

best php tutorial I’ve seen so far. Thank you so much 🙂

Samuel Do says:

clever techie you’re the f$#@king man! teach me more

Zamza Akb says:

Thank you very much! Since I’m just starting out with php I’ve found this tutorial to be clear and consistent!

Juicefulll says:

great vids bro

Samuel Do says:

hello clever techie. After installing xammp and wordpress successfully, i’ve tried to manipulate theme and plugging wordpress asked for FTP credential which i’ve this code to disable it: define(‘FS_METHOD’ , ‘direct’); i still can’t make any alteration. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

Ramil Dalisay says:

Thank you.

Mike Davies says:

Very good video. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

COOL KK says:

wow,in utube this is the bes tutorials .

danish kamal says:

thanks alot brother i dont have words to thank you man .best tutorial ever

Rafael Corrêa says:

Associative arrays would be something like enums?

Retry says:

Great tutorial brother,you should teach programming !! 😀

LiamYS says:

Really nice vid! Learned alot of new stuff.
Keep up the good work!

khalid Qweder says:

1000 stars tutorial.

Cloetta says:

Very thankful for this Introduction, best tutorial so far. Learned so much just by this video.
Subscribing easily, Cheers!

Sib kumar says:

please make a video on database in php

Esalettin Yasin Uysal says:

I utilized your videos a lot. Also database would be very good. Thanks a lot.

David Hahn says:

As a beginner, I was falling in love with Python; until I remembered the track I needed to gravitate back to: PHP/MySQL/Wordpress. I love working within a WordPress and that is the reason I felt I needed to to be strong on PHP as opposed to Python. Just wanted to get your thoughts PHP v. Python?

khurram mustafa says:

great tutorials.

Ricardo Gutiérrez says:

Thank you very much Clever Techie 😀

Mo Ca says:

Looks really cool so far…like the best tutorial (including the German ones). I also would like to understand and not just follow an instruction for some minutes. Thank you for sharing you knowledge my friend. People like you make YT the new Bible, Quran or whatever you want ;). Peaazee from Switzerland

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