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PHP Tutorial for Beginners – A simple and short PHP tutorial and complete reference manual for all built-in PHP functions. This tutorial is designed for beginners to advanced developers. You will learn PHP Built-in Function, Predefined Variables Examples, Object Oriented PHP, Numbers, Scalars, Arrays, Hash File I/O, IF, ELSEIF, Do, While Loops, Operators, Regular Expressions, GET, POST, Subroutines, Coding Standard, Modules, File Management, Socket Communication, Reference, Special Variables, Syntax Overview, Form Validation, Advanced PHP, Library, Web Design, PayPal Integration, MySQL Login, Ajax Search, Ajax XML Parser, Ajax Auto Complete Search, Ajax RSS Feed Example, XML Introduction, Simple XML, Simple XML GET, SAX Parser Example, DOM Parser Example, Frame Works, Core php vs frame works php, Design Patterns.

00:00:01 1 # Getting Started and Introduction to PHP (For Absolute Beginners)
00:08:48 2 # How to Install XAMPP
00:25:05 3 # How to Install Notepad++ as PHP Editor
00:31:49 4 # First PHP Script and Hello World
00:44:16 5 # PHP Variables and Echo Function
00:59:40 6 # Concatenation Operator and Escape sequences
01:11:18 7 # Arithmetic operation
01:15:54 8 # If, else and nested if/else Statements
01:22:29 9 # Comparison operators and Logical operators
01:32:16 10 # Arrays in PHP
01:39:26 11 # Associative Arrays in PHP
01:44:26 12 # Multidimensional Arrays in PHP
01:54:57 13 # While and Do While Loop in PHP
02:04:43 14 # For Loop in PHP
02:08:58 15 # PHP Foreach Loop
02:14:49 16 # Switch Statement
02:27:46 17 # Using $_GET Variables in PHP
02:47:26 18 # Using $_POST Variables in PHP
03:00:21 19 # Basic Functions
03:06:29 20 # Functions with Arguments
03:12:00 21 # Functions with a Return Value
03:18:39 22 # Date and Time Functions
03:25:31 23 # Global Variables and Functions
03:30:56 24 # include() and require() functions
03:42:23 25 # Include_once() and require_once functions
03:46:37 26 # PHP Sessions and Setting PHP Sessions
03:56:16 27 # How to unset or destroy PHP Sessions
04:01:34 28 # PHP Cookies
04:11:47 29 # Creating First MySQL Database With phpMyAdmin
04:33:09 30 # How to connect to MySQL database using PHP
04:48:41 31 # Getting Data from MySQL Database using PHP
05:06:46 32 # PHP Md5 Encryption


Ilya Kuklin says:

360p only?

Lincoln Mweb says:

Worst teacher I’ve encountered on youtube!!! U wasted my time dude. U didn’t make a single point in one full hour of the tutorial. What a waste!!!!!!

Coding Commanders says:

PHP is a great language for entry level development jobs

TutorialHQ says:

53:06 $name = “ProgrammingKnowledge”;
$name = (name * 8);
php thinks its error because you forgot to put $ sign at the name.

prachi rana says:

thank you for your courses, it is more interesting and comprohensive, I
become a programmer learning using your courses and others good men in
the internet. thanks again good man.

swaraj Bikram Jena says:

thank u for ur time

Felipe Paz says:

A Basic and short php tutorial.

Web Expert says:

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Super Position says:

Thanks man, for this great tutorial.

Tep lyhong says:

Dear ProgrammingKnowledge. I am a student at RUPP. I’m poor with c# I want to know clear about it and can create real project. What should I do? Help me please! Best regard from me Tep Lyhong.

Rohan Sood says:

Why teach php when it is not recommended to learn anymore.

ProgrammingKnowledge says:

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someoneFrom earth says:

Php is dead don’t learn it unless you wanna do boring stuff

Chris Pearson says:

great Tutorial but you do repeat yourself a lot. Try scripting the video out prior to shooting.

Amit Sethi says:

i like it sir just tell me how to do a coding and what is required for companies oral knowledge ya deep coding sense ….i mean to say what to do in order to get hired in php companies

Zaczero says:

I love your tuts!

Johnny English says:

very useful tutorials Thank u body so much for making it easy

Simple says:

thank you sir

AGD says:

” A simple and short PHP tutorial ” oke

Zaczero says:

46:15 Case-sensitive $Boo != $Boo lol

computer study says:

I have a simple and short PHP tutorial in my channel “computer study”

Hire PHP Developers says:

Thanks for the informative post. I’ll be back later for some great information.

Shahin Tahirov says:

4:37:46 If you are using PHP7, change mysql_connect() to mysqli_connect()

WAHreports 2014 says:

I end till the end


Thanks you very Much for best php tutorial

dark graphics says:

waiting for JAVA and ANDROID in one video 🙂 PLEASE
Nice videos by the way

eazy34zsw says:

Your tutorial style so cool bro, thank you.

My Channel says:

Hello, I’m Karthick, In functions this line is not print in the browser but in multiplication and division the same line was printing in the browser—– echo ‘Add : $num1 + $num2 =’.$num1+$num2.’
‘; —— But the same line in multiplication —-echo “Multiply : $num1 * $num2 =”.$num1*$num2.”
“;——is working fine. Is there any reason for this…. the answer is printing the $num2 value in the browser….

Zaczero says:

53:00 This error was caused because you put name as variable instead of $name xd

Ahmed Hasan says:

best tutorial

gamie123456 says:

thank you for your courses, it is more interesting and comprohensive, I become a programmer learning using your courses and others good men in the internet. thanks again good man.

Bromoteknada says:

please,for your own good,consider breaking this tutorial into 10 or 20 parts cause you worked so hard but a few people are going to sit through the entire video even if they find it interesting.At least consider adding time info in your description so that we can search your tutorial. for instance 11:00 arrays, 45 :00 functions etc.
However THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your tutorials and this particular tutorial,I appreciate the effort you put into this.

bithov vinu says:

Thank you so much, you have helped me learn PHP and C++.Thx SO MUCH!!

prachi rana says:

is good singal vedieo

azira a says:

Cannot access to localhost/xampp/index.php, what to do?

Bhushan Ramse says:

Hi, sir please make video on java spring mvc framework ..

Hyrozen says:

You chineses are creazy ! I love you

bena salim says:

hi can you made vdeo tutorial about static build for qt 5.6 or 5.7 to make standalone executable please

ToniApps Studios says:

Lol 5 hours XDD

Sujan Kumar says:

this vides 100% work it’s solutions is grate

Denis says:

A simple and short PHP tutorial. OK i’m done today

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