Learning PL/SQL programming

Download the session ppts @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_2D199JLIIpLXp5cm9QMFpVS00/view?usp=sharing

3:05 – Procedures
6:48 – Cursors
15:13 – Functions
16:36 – Triggers
21:35 – Package
23:59 – Exceptions


Ultimate Epic Face says:

I don’t get the form 🙁

Robert Bradley says:

How to get toolbox at the bottom?

Tomas H. Reichert says:

Would you know how to change the Combo Box’s color when its DropDownStyle is set to DropDownList? I chose darker colors for it but it keeps a light grey color no matter what. Also, would you know how to change the color of the Button’s borders? I chose Control for the BackColor but the borders are a bit darker.

I’m trying to make a dark mode app so these things are bugging me.

Kosta Reljic says:

Hm, this is really helpful, but I’m using 2019 version, and I just struggle to add an event at 8:20, when i double click on the “OK” it just offers me to change the text inside..any help? So far everything is crystal clear.

Kick Buttowski says:

Bookmark #1 3:00 (Plz Ignore)

John Sticher says:

great tutorial, Visual Basic is actually pretty cool. It actually teaches you how to code showing suggestions and ways to do things more efficiently when you are writing the code as well.

Aries Castillo says:

can you teach me how to make survey for tshirt sizes using this visual basic

Krzysztoman Langiewicz says:


christian bird says:

I️m in beginners programming and would love to see some more videos on this I️m excited to make projects but calculus is kicking my ass

KeepingItReal SpreadingTheTRUTH says:

do you really say box like that or are you just trolling the viewers? Lmao

Holly Me says:


Adeel Ahmed says:

lols rip english + rip method of teaching

Rajneesh Dutta says:


RobotZer0 says:

I expected division by zero demonstration

C C P says:

Published on 2016 and using Visual Studio 2017???

Shilpa Rai says:

Very informative for beginners, appreciate the efforts

Jordan Wallcroft says:

I have done the same thing when opening new project it only come up with 3 options do you now why this kind of waste my time a bit lol

Justimkm102 says:

subscribe to this channel link:UCznIDixWNH4kcIGYRq5vUHw


nice video sir,
thanks alot
& i have subscribed your channel

Cesar Parra says:

hey pana lo puedes hacer en español

Hasan Musaj says:

Very useful tutorial. Thank you very much!

dhirendra singh says:

Good video … very helpful

Stanton Chagi says:

Since i have use YouTube make me feel free on my studies, Thanks guys keep it up assisting us.

Death marent says:

man i really looooooooooooooove u < cause my fool computer teacher made so hard and its really really easy so thank god that such helpful and brilliant people like u exist

Eng.nawali Alh says:

I want to write code that XY-table detect a point in x and y coordinate how can I write it ?

VINOTH S says:

Thanks a lot.. Its very much helpful

Ajay legend says:

Watch @ *1.5

Stan Weston says:

Which Visual studio do I install?


I’m mainly looking for one that uses visual basic forms

rajaa mouhib says:

plz l have  problem in projet the plsql

Lohesh M says:

Listen 1.5x

Oscar Fiblas says:

Por qué el título del curso está en español si el curso es en inglés?????

s_ BastionT says:

Thx a bunch for the tutorial, Derek! Really helped me in understanding the basics of VB 🙂

Hire Me says:

Select is not a DMA, please correct. @13.38

Julia XD says:

Dim means declare in memory ;p

rami nurhusien says:

i am doing some project so i need really your help sooo if your ready message me to talk about it

suvathi 018 says:

wow great information about SQL, the details you have provided are much clear, easy to understand, if you post some more video, it will be very much useful for me.

Wakeel Sah says:

Very helpful video… thank you sir…

Asna Khan says:

Thankyou so much sir thankyou so much life saver!!!


I am having fun with Visual Basic 2017 free version.

Roberts and Andersonumm I says:

nice tutorial…..where do i find a list of Basic commands

Swad says:

great video 🙂

German Lopez says:

Muchas Gracias

gull Mohammad Aminzai says:

thanks a lot sir,useful video which clear my doubt

imane arhsai says:

thank u it was so helpful to me

Destroyer Zuby says:

on beginning u said that pl/sql havn’t support ,function,looping,then wtf u knowing about pl/sql,within 10 sec i close ur tutorial after listining fir 4-5 word of ur tuto.

samar singh says:


Rohit Kumar says:

Thanks you sir….

Priya S says:

Thanks from the video and please upload more videos.

Ivan Laplante says:

This is a great tutorial!
Props from Quebec, Canada!

Deepty Rajput says:

Crystal clear explanation,covered each important corner.Thank you .

Zvala V. says:

I heard hindu accent, I closed tutorial. That’s all. :v

shyam tripathi says:

Where can I get lots of practice exercises for PL/SQL

TEj Maximus says:


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