PL/SQL Oracle tutorial, Oracle introduction, PL/SQL basics

Oracle tutorial for beginners presents PL/SQL introduction. Watch video and learn Oracle by practical examples. Other lessons, visit


Webster Mwenye says:

Great tutorial

rashid alen says:

great tuto, thanks

ken Han says:

Excellent video and excellent explanation.

Abhijit Nath says:

Awesome video

Learn with video tutorials says:

Thanks for your opinion!

Bakr kouhadi says:

what’s the compiler do you use ?

Asim Chowdhury says:

impressive video. I like it. I believe my new book on oracle refactoring interoperability and integration of related concepts will help
book name: Oracle SQL & pl/SQL golden dairy

Learn with video tutorials says:

Thanks for your opinion!

Chitova4ya says:

Best tutorial video I have watched so far.

Denver-Paul Davis says:

i Enjoyed Your tutorial, Helped with my exam preparations, thank you

Akanksha Dutt says:

Thank you for this brilliant video. I finally can understand PL/SQL.

Learn with video tutorials says:


Suhail Mumtaz says:

That is simply awesome, what is the name of
background track ???

krismaly says:

AWESOME. I enjoyed watching this video and recommend to others. Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteership. Please keep producing some more videos. Thanks a bunch

hemanth avs says:

thnx a lot…. very useful

sravani 251094 says:

it is simple and easy to learn the pl/sql baic concepts,i like it

fromthesanitarium says:

great tutorial!

Vijay Samuel says:

Best video on screen presentation of Tutorial.

Learn with video tutorials says:

This editor is Toad

fromthesanitarium says:

which editor or program are you using? I’m new to pl sql and I’d like to know 😀

Anand Pandey says:

WHAT boring avideo and i coudnt understand anything from except that the person speaking is a robot

Meryem Zardoua says:

very interesting and helpfull video .. thaaank you

Learn with video tutorials says:


Unpossible POG says:

Hey…can we create a execution file of PL/SQL structured program? like jar for java and exe for .net?

Hamed al-Shammary says:

The best tutorial I’ve ever seen

thank you so much

i gave u ( thumbs-up + subscribe)

and thank you so much again

TomCaT ToM says:

Really good tutorial, really liked the commenting whilst the script was being typed and ran at same time, excellent

Ivá Conte says:

Great video! It’s helping me a lot. Thank you so much!

vj says:

Its a good session !!!

황정수 says:

Is there any script? There are too many data…

Dee Jay says:

Who it be smart to take a PL/SQL and JAVA class at the same time? Or should i learn one language at a time? I really wan to get good at both. But to be good at both I would need quality time with both languages.

Learn with video tutorials says:

Thank you

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