PL/SQL tutorial 13: PL/SQL FOR Loop In Oracle Database by Manish Sharma

3rd and the last tutorial in Iterative/loop statement in Oracle PL/SQL series explaining concepts of FOR loop with examples by Manish Sharma
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► While Loop
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This is Manish from


blackx says:

Hey Manish, I got a question, How can I insert 5 new arrows using loop and %TYPE?

ABHILASH jain says:

your videos r really very clear, about the logic and also covers its other aspects.congrats for being such a great tutor to all of us.looking forward towards ur next videos.

ideal boy says:

thank u so much sir. it helps me a lot.

Zohaib Khalid says:

plz upload reports and forms in oracle

sunny V says:

great learning experience with your videos, Thank you so much Manish.

akhilesh bangera says:

hi, manish, what if i wanna increment the counter by 2 or more dan 2 in for loop??? is there any soltn?

Prasad Ligade says:

whats up internet!

vijaya Patil says:

its very helpful …thank you very much sir…..


Thank you so much. your videos are very clear to understand. I need PLSQL CURSORS topics. so please provide that topics also.

divya namdev says:

thanks ew 🙂

Mayank Jain says:

set serveroutput on;
for i in 1..10 loop
dbms_output.put_line(i ||’ X ‘ ||’ 19 ‘ || ‘= ‘|| i*19);
end loop;

Sandeep singh says:

Hello sir,
i need SQL tutorial….start with basic…..

Abhi Abhang says:

thanks dude…..awesome…gr8 job
i m waitig for ur next videoes

aditya kumar says:

i number(6);
j number(11);
FOR j IN 1..11
FOR i IN 1..6
if(j>=7-i AND j<=5+i) then DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('*'||j); else DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' '||i); END LOOP; end loop; end IF; END;

shazia malik says:

sir wat if decrement or increment more than 1

Anil bhavnani says:

Great tutorials….short and perfectly precise…..

aditya kumar says:

How to print * pattern using for loop??

Blue Sapphire says:

Is there any example where you can show how to use functions in a loop, for example a date function in a loop that checks for correct date syntax

yaqub ahmed riyaz says:

Hi Manish ur videos are very informative and clear to understand
i request you to please upload reports and forms videos of oracle

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