PL/SQL tutorial 15: DML Trigger With Before Insert, Update and Delete DML Examples

PL/SQL Tutorial 15 explaining DML Trigger with examples such as Before Insert, Update and Delete in Detail.

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This is Manish from


Anitha s says:

Thank u Soo much Manish Sir. Your Tutorials are Very useful to me.

Arland Michelena Villegas says:

these are soo usefull! you make it look and feel easy.. Thank you!

Emil Khidirov says:


Uday Dodiya says:

thank you sir…ur tutorial is very good..and very helpfull for me

Master CVV says:

Its a good video about the basic information about triggers, how to create and work with them. Thank you Mr. Manish Sharma for providing this good video.

amr says:

thank you so much for the best videos..!

Abhi Varshney says:

at 3:45 ,it says u just inserted a line mr. HR…….what is hr ?

Sarfaraz Makandar says:

Thanks a lot. Please upload the tutorial regarding stored procedures, functions, packages, cursors.

Hrishikesh Kulkarni says:

Thank you so much SIR!!!
Hats off!

Nayan Jain says:

sir what is dual table?
and thanks for this video series really very helpful

Shahid Shamsher says:

your video’s very good PL/SQL Triggers , loops, Block. Oracle forms Builder 11g how to Install and use tools that are the Problem with me. Kindly Tell me where I get this Oracle forms Builder Software download and Learn tool and how to both software connect 11g Software, Form Builder.

Sheetal Sharma says:

Hello Manish, thank you for the tutorials!!
I had a doubt on BEFORE and AFTER event.
In the video, you have used BEFORE event but in the output ‘1 row updated’ is displayed before the statement that is given in the execution part of the trigger.
Is there any difference between the output of the trigger when BEFORE is used and when AFTER is used?
Thank you!

Yannick Cho says:

I tried using the v_user but cant get the HR user. I had an error instead

Davit Jibuti says:

Hello Manish, first of all thank you for this Videos!
I have question: “IF INSERTING THEN” condition does not works in my case ,”ELSEIF” statement could not be recognized by SQL developer App also, I’ve installed Oracle 11g. is it possible, that database version be a reason of issue?

Debajyoti Dutta says:

Great work Manish… very lucid but solid way of explanation!
I myself being more of a video guy (then a book guy), this helps a lot. The basics are clear now, can delve into deeper areas.

Lakshmi Sudarsanam says:

whats dual?is that predefined too?

Anitha s says:

Please Provide tutorials regarding stored procedures and packages.

rsv5prasad says:

before insert/delete/update I am not getting. because trigger messages are displaYING after we insert/delete/updat right, pls expalin me

Merso Berke Muric says:

super, i subscribed to your channel

Bilal Shah says:

Is this code of triggers are also use in oracle 10g form building triggers??tell me plzzzz….

Natasha Sefer says:

i was just wondering if you had a video on deleting triggers alone?
I have to delete a book from the table books as well as deleting all of its copies from table book_copies?

Thank you


Jawher Jawa says:

nice work sir keep the good work 😀

sharique sayeed says:


Akhouri Tushar says:

what is dual here

divya namdev says:

why this?
v_user VARCHAR2 (15);
  SELECT user INTO v_user FROM dual;

plz help!!!

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