PL/SQL tutorial 22: How To Create Instead-Of Insert Trigger in Oracle Database

Learn how to create Instead of Insert trigger in oracle database on the view by Manish Sharma
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RADEON says:

thanks mr. manish. very useful video. i can finish my homework now

Debajyoti Dutta says:

Nicely explained… Thanks for the upload Manish…#RebellionRider…

karre lakshman says:

Hi manish, I hope you are doing good. i have 1 concern on above video. i think after running the the insert scripts you have shown data in Both the tables(Trainer,subject). its good to shown the data view also what happen after insert statement. select * from vm_rebellionRider

Aleksander Grabovaj says:

hi manish, my user does not have enough privileges to update ore delete a view.
can you help me how to grant those privileges ?

Emilio Ortega says:


Neeraj kumar says:

Hi Manish,
your are tutorial very useful and easy to understand & explanation is very good.

kuldeep singh says:

please make complete course of AWS as well

Saikat Das says:

Each time I am inserting a value in the view it’s storing 2 values – first one is proper data , other one is not. Why is that ?

Anita John says:

Hi Manish, all your videos are useful. Just one suggestion – try uploading tutorials for advanced concepts as well.

mukesh sharma says:

Thanks for this video, can you please explain us compound level trigger ?

funkymonkey says:

Okay. You made an non-updatable view updateable. Don’t you think you must have administrative privileges to do that? This destroys the main reason for creating views, i.e security.

Nuzhat T. says:

This video just saved my life. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work 😀

cwg says:

As a seasoned Oracle db user, mind blown. Thank you!!

Vinod Kumar says:

Hi Manish, May we expect videos on performance tuning, that would be very helpful. Thanks in Advance


errors r coming
ORA 00604
ORA 12899
ORA 06512


Very clear explanation. Thank you.

ashwini today says:

Hi Manish I like your videos very much.. they are short and crisp.. we will get the understanding of the topic very very. I I want to say thanks for your effort. I have one request can you please make the video on performance tuning that would be really very helpful.

Aditya Krishna says:

my query is like this
create view vi_complex(ename,dname,maxsal,minsal) as
select e.ename,d.dname,max(sal),min(sal)
from emp e,dept d
where e.deptno=d.deptno
group by e.ename,d.dname;
how can i create a trigger on that,is it possiable to create trigger on max(sal),min(sal).i.e is it possible to insert row on that

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