PL/SQL tutorial 52: How To Create Nested table as Database Object presents PL/SQL Tutorial on How To Create permanent Nested Table Type Collection based on primitive datatype in Oracle Database by Manish Sharma
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This is Manish from


Hasnain Haider says:

Sir can you give me gmail address.I want to chat with you about oracle certification exams issues.

masum khan says:

Dear, I’d like to request you to make detailed videos on Schema Level Object Types.

Albert Alan says:

Sir.. Please cut the music behind.. It is distracting.. Otherwise it is superb.. Great job.

Cesar Navarro says:


Grs Raja says:

Dear Sir, could you please provide a link to know the benefit s of nested table…

naga babu podili says:

select * from b1

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [qknsiExplain-obj], [93435], [], [], [], [], [], [], [],
[], [], []

I Create nested table using database objects , and i assigned it to the while creating the table ,and after that i inserted the rows in it ,and that success in row inserted ,while i am trying to retrive it giving the above mentioned error i.e ORA-00600 can any one could solve this error.

Hasnain Haider says:

Thank you Sir.

Debadatta Beura says:

Thank you very much sir for your concept you have the best concept i ever learn from anyone.keep it up sir


really excellent Manish Sharma, Your teaching skills are ultimate. Can you please help to create form in Oracle data base or SQL data base.

creative studio says:

make a video on how to drop database in oracle 11 g

cwg says:

Thank you, very much for this. I tried to understand this topic in a number of ways but your examples have been the best.

As far as an opinion on this, I can’t think of a use case and my toes curl at the idea of anyone doing this to a database. I’m a bit of a classicist though so my cringe reaction shouldn’t be trusted. I’d have to see a production use case to have an informed opinion.

P.S. I like the music in the typing interludes.


HI Manish,
Please tell me the question’s answer which was asked on this video as i was unable to find out the right answer.
Question: If we shouldn’t have multiple values in a column then why NESTED TABLES?
Please tell Sir, I am waiting for your response.

Prakash says:

I can see your hard work behind this video
excellent! keep it up

Jesus Miguel says:

Amazing, you blow my mind.. thanks.


Hi sir , my name is SALEH and I am from UAE .. I came all the way from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore for BCA and to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours ; you made me love database ‘oracle’ in particular ; I hope you continue doing this great job and I really learned a lot from you ; thank you sir may god bless you

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